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Strengthens your legs and feet. Provides a sense of groundedness and stability while helping improve your posture. Regaining a sense of stability and control is important for those who are recovering from addiction

Yoga Postures For Addiction Recovery-Mountain Pose



Improves your balance while strengthening and stretching areas all along the center of your upper and lower body. Strength, balance and flexibility are key aspects of a healthy life free of substance dependence.

Yoga Postures For Addiction Recovery-Tree Pose



Increases overall strength and stability. This is another pose that builds a strong foundation of grounded strength that you can draw upon whenever the battle to stay sober tests your resolve.

Yoga Postures For Addiction Recovery-Warrior Pose


"Viparita Karani"

Provides relief and relaxation for the legs and feet. You’ve been through a great deal, and this is a great pose for getting off your feet. Allow yourself to be solidly supported while your body relaxes and recovers from trauma.

Yoga Postures For Addiction Recovery-Legs Wall Pose



This resting pose releases tension, calms the mind, and increases feelings of safety and security, which helps reduce stress and fatigue. A few minutes in this pose can give you a more hopeful perspective as you go through recovery.

Yoga Postures For Addiction Recovery Child Pose



Leads to deep relaxation, which can relieve stress and mild depression, lowers blood pressure and reduces fatigue. This simple pose is wonderful for rejuvenating the mind and the body, which have been ravaged by addiction.

Yoga Postures For Addiction Recovery Corpse Pose