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rehab-toledo.pngLocated on the banks of Lake Erie and Maumee River, Toledo is the fourth most populated city in Ohio. Toledo is known for its local sports teams, art community and glass and auto industries.
This Midwestern city also has a substance abuse problem. Individuals in Toledo can find healing from addiction at The Treatment Center.

Substance Abuse Treatment for Toledo Residents

Addiction is complex disease and it affects every person differently. Research has shown that there is no single treatment that is appropriate for everyone. At The Treatment Center, we develop a customized treatment plan for every patient. The treatment plans are based off the patient’s addiction issues, needs and goals. Listed below are some of the services that are offered at our rehab facility:

•    Detoxification supervised by doctors
•    One-on-one counseling
•    Group counseling
•    Dual diagnosis treatment
•    12 step programs
•    Christian addiction counseling
•    Relapse prevention
•    Holistic therapies
•    Court liaison services
•    Family therapy
•    Recovery support
•    Chronic pain management

After completing our substance abuse program, individuals will have the necessary tools to live their life without alcohol or drugs.

Due to the high quality of service that we offer, The Treatment Center has been awarded the Gold Seal of Approval by the Joint Commission.

The staff at The Treatment Center is committed to helping individuals in Toledo beat their addiction with drugs and alcohol. Our staff is made up of compassionate medical doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, licensed counselors and case managers. We take pride in the fact that every patient is treated with dignity and respect.

To speak with an admissions counselor about our drug and alcohol counseling, call us now at (419) 547-5505 .  You can also chat with our admissions counselors online. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Drugs That are Common in Toledo

The most abused drugs in the Toledo metropolitan area are:

•    Heroin
•    Crack cocaine
•    Powdered cocaine
•    Marijuana
•    Prescription opioids
•    Suboxone
•    Prescription stimulants
•    Alcohol

Although these are the most popular drugs in Toledo, residents still abuse other substances such as bath salts, Ecstasy and DMT. 

Heroin, one of the most dangerous drugs, is easily obtained in the Toledo region. Treatment providers have seen a recent spike in heroin admissions. The most popular type of heroin in the Toledo area is brown powdered heroin.

Crack cocaine is another drug that is often abused in Toledo. Recently, treatment centers have seen an increase young adults that are addicted to heroin. Oftentimes, heroin users take the drug in combination with heroin, alcohol and Xanax.

Addicts in Toledo can easily obtain powdered cocaine on the streets. Powdered cocaine is typically considered to be a party drug. Sadly, the drug is often present in drug-related deaths in Northwest Ohio.
Like many other cities across the country, Toledo has been affected by prescription opioid addiction. Prescription opioids, also known as prescription painkillers are popular amongst residents. People in the Toledo region often abuse the following painkillers: Vicodin, Opana, OxyContin and Percocet. Young adults are more likely to abuse opioids than any other demographic. 

Suboxone is another drug that is commonly abused in Toledo. People can obtain the drug off of the streets or from their physicians. Treatment providers report that doctors often overprescribe this medication.
Prescription stimulants are often abused by high school or college students. Students frequently use the drugs to help them study. While students think that the drugs are harmless, they can be highly addictive. Adderall is the most popular prescription stimulant in the Toledo area.

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, more than 18 million people in the United States abuse alcohol or are addicted to it. There are thousands of people in the Toledo area that are suffering from alcoholism.

If you or a loved one is battling an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, The Treatment Center can help you. For additional information about our substance abuse programs, call (419) 547-5505.

Recovery Starts Here

While addiction is a powerful disease, it is important to know that it can be treated. If you or a loved one needs addiction counseling, contact The Treatment Center. We can help you rebuild your life one step at a time.

To receive a free and confidential evaluation, call us immediately (419) 547-5505.  Or if you prefer you can chat with an admissions counselor online.

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The Treatment Center has been awarded
the Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval.