Structured Partial Hospitalization Program for Addiction Recovery

On the face of it, the recovery process appears to have a linear progression from beginning to end. It is the individual patient that brings varying needs and timetables for treatment. As no two patients are alike, choosing an alcohol and drug recovery facility for someone in need should include a look at the available treatment options.

Challenges may lie ahead for anyone seeking lifelong recovery. After the initial inpatient treatment phase, some patients may need to undergo extended care.

While many patients can transition smoothly into an outpatient treatment program, others may need the longer, more structured recovery care found in Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHPs).

PHP Extends the Benefits of Inpatient Treatment

Adding PHP to an addiction recovery plan makes for a compassionate, constructive link between inpatient and outpatient care. For a patient who has other health-related conditions that exacerbate the pain of addiction, partial hospitalization can provide peace of mind while working towards stabilization.

PHP Program at TTC

PHP Dual Diagnosis Treatment

To reinforce the initial progress made during the residential period of treatment, PHP is often viewed as a more flexible version with many of the same clinical benefits provided, such as:

  • Individual therapy
  • Psychopharmacological review and management

For those with a dual diagnosis, a common occurrence in addiction cases, PHP is vital to set a more accurate pathway towards recovery. This program features specific therapies that address addiction symptoms as well as those of mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder.

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Holistic Treatment During PHP Supports the Recovery Process

PHP - GroupsAs a patient moves through recovery, any change can create stress. To help minimize stress and ease the transition from inpatient care to home life, PHP addiction recovery programs offer the best of both settings.

The counseling, guidance, peer interaction and life skills learned in traditional outpatient programs are also included in partial hospitalization programs. Patients can also choose to take part in group counseling sessions focused on the 12 steps and faith-based teachings.

PHP Supplements a Healthy Transition to Aftercare

Shifting from a 24/7 hands-on substance abuse treatment approach back to everyday life can generate a lot of fear in the patient and his or her family. In addition to acquiring life skills, patients in PHP addiction recovery program can enjoy the comfort that comes from living at home or close to home in a less clinical environment.

Most PHP patients receive treatment for several hours during the day, many programs offer evening groups as well. Compared to an on-site residential stay, PHP is not as cost-prohibitive and is covered by many insurance providers.

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