Leading?Residential Inpatient Addiction Treatment Program

Residential Inpatient Addiction Treatment

At The Treatment Center of the Palm Beaches, we provide the highest level of residential inpatient addiction treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. Our experienced staff, multi-modal approach to recovery and individualized treatment plans ensure that each patient?s mental, physical and spiritual needs are met as they begin and progress down the road to recovery.

We understand that the residential inpatient setting is, in many cases, the most effective solution for those struggling with substance abuse and addiction. That?s why we endeavor to lead the industry in providing intentional, effective care to each individual in our inpatient addiction treatment program.

Setting a Higher Standard for Inpatient Addiction Care

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, residential inpatient substance abuse programs are very effective in helping those struggling with addiction, especially those patients with multifaceted challenges like a co-occurring disorder. This is why The Treatment Center is dedicated to providing the highest level of inpatient care in the country. Our expert staff and diverse treatment options help patients of all backgrounds and experiences to overcome their addictions and start a new, healthier life in sobriety.

Led by Accomplished, Highly Skilled Medical Professionals

The most effective inpatient treatment programs leverage the experience of skillful, licensed medical professionals to monitor the health and well-being of patients. The Treatment Center?s medical staff is a board-certified team of doctors, nurses, psychiatrists and therapists with decades of experience. They not only specialize in treating substance abuse, but they?re also comfortable with treating dual diagnosis disorders and a long list of mental health issues commonly found in those individuals who are struggling with addiction.

Personalized Addiction Treatment Plans

In addition to assessing the mental and physical health of each new patient, our medical staff assists patients by working with them to develop a personalized treatment plan. Individual treatment plans incorporate both the patient?s input and the guidance of our knowledgeable medical professionals, an approach that improves the individual?s chances of making a full recovery.

At The Treatment Center, we recognize that many substance abuse problems are directly related to underlying issues. We also understand that an individual must chart his or her own path toward recovery. Each patient?s needs and health issues are unique, so each patient deserves their own treatment plan. Our team of experienced medical professionals consults with each of our patients to help them determine the treatment strategies that will be most beneficial.

The needs of each patient will vary significantly based on personality, general health, length of substance abuse and several other factors. That?s why The Treatment Center offers an equally diverse set of treatment options for our patients.

The following offerings are just a sample of the treatments and services that can be incorporated into a patient?s inpatient treatment plan:


Getting Started with Our Residential Inpatient Addiction Treatment Program in Florida

The entire staff at The Treatment Center is dedicated to helping patients recover from substance abuse and learn to live a healthy life. Our comprehensive, individualized approach is designed to guide patients toward success and lifelong sobriety.

Once patients have taken the steps to graduate our inpatient program, it is then?recommended that they continue on-going treatment with our intensive outpatient program.

Please reach out to us today to learn more about how our residential inpatient program can help you or a loved one escape from the cycle of addiction. If you?d like to see more about our residential facility in West Palm Beach, Florida, including living accommodations, take a virtual tour by reading below.

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