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Prescription Opioid Overdose Deaths Quadrupled Since 1999 - The Treatment CenterAre you or someone you love struggling with drug or alcohol dependence? The Treatment Center of the Palm Beaches provides a standard of care that is warm, welcoming and Gold Seal-accredited by The Joint Commission.

Our drug and alcohol detox treatment center helps those with chemical dependencies by bringing together industry-leading doctors, nurses and therapists to safely help individuals overcome the withdrawal process.

From there, we provide the right tools to help patients successfully begin recovery in a way that promotes a healthier body, mind and spirit.

The Treatment Center helps patients detox from:

  • Alcohol
  • Prescription Opiates
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Heroin
  • Cocaine
  • Crystal Meth
  • And Many Other Substances

Medical Detoxification Is How Recovery Begins

We offer medical detox in a controlled environment, one in which medical professionals closely attend to the patient through the entire process, ensuring that every aspect of early recovery is well-managed and supervised. Having the utmost level of care available at a moment’s notice means patients never have to go through any part of detox alone. With this level of attentiveness, the risk for unforeseen medical issues is decreased as the individual works toward outlasting withdrawal.

The Right Detox Program Is Crucial to Long-Term Health

During detox, which can last anywhere from a couple of days to several weeks, the body rids itself of drugs and/or alcohol. As the addictive substances leave the brain and body, symptoms of withdrawal may arise that can last longer than the actual detox process. Depending on the substance and how long drugs and alcohol have been used, the person’s withdrawal symptoms can range from mild to severe.

Potential withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Restlessness
  • Anxiety
  • Sleeplessness
  • Muscle aches
  • Insomnia
  • Concentration problems
  • Appetite changes
  • Paranoia
  • Strong cravings

Strong Substance Cravings Can Occur

Tolerance Can Intensify Addiction And Heighten Risk Of Overdose - Treatment CenterEven when withdrawal symptoms aren’t life-threatening, they are often extremely uncomfortable or painful. Symptoms are typically strongest within the first few days after abstaining from a substance, but can be experienced for years to come. Learning how to deal with recurrent symptoms can further support one’s long-term recovery success. Having the right treatment and support system in place is critical.

Self-Detox Can Be Fatal

Detoxing at home might seem like a good solution, but it can actually be dangerous. Potentially fatal withdrawal symptoms can occur during the detox period. For example, severe alcoholics might experience delirium tremens during detox, which can cause seizures, hallucinations and irregular heartbeat. Recovery from substance abuse takes time: The body needs time to heal and return to normal functioning. Medical detox provides the means to do this safely and comfortably.

Why You Need to Detox in the Care of Professionals

Recovery is more complicated than coming clean from a substance. For some, underlying medical or mental health issues make it harder to quit for good. People who take drugs or drink to ease physical or emotional pain don’t know how to handle that pain once the drugs and alcohol are removed.

Failed attempts to quit can exacerbate depression or anxiety. These and other similar conditions are referred to as co-occurring disorders. Successful detox and rehabilitation requires the skills of several medical practitioners to provide the layered care needed.

What You Can Expect at Our Detox Treatment Center

Drug And Alchol Detox Treatment Center - Lake Worth Florida
Upon arrival at The Treatment Center, new patients undergo an initial assessment to help our care team plan their customized detox experience, during which they will come to understand how deeply we are committed to their safety, security and privacy.

Within hours or days, the patient will likely experience withdrawal symptoms as the drugs and alcohol leave the body. Our attentive medical staff will monitor and comfort the individual throughout the withdrawal process and work towards minimizing substance cravings.

In some cases, we may prescribe medication to help ease specific withdrawal symptoms or to treat symptoms so they don’t turn deadly. Medical monitoring during detox might require tracking vital signs, such as blood pressure, heart rate, breathing rate and more.

The detox experience is tailored specifically to the patients’ needs and preferences, so the duration depends on prior drug use patterns and specific level of addiction. Our board-certified doctors and nurses are experienced in dealing with a wide range of withdrawal symptoms, so patients can rest assured our medical team has the skills and knowledge to usher them safely through detox.

In addition to medical monitoring, The Treatment Center recovery process involves access to emotional support systems and therapeutic activities to help each patient better cope with any ongoing symptoms.

Life After Detox

Once detox is complete and the body is drug-free, the process of rebuilding one’s life and learning how to stay on track follows. Individual and group therapy at The Treatment Center helps patients develop the mental and emotional tools necessary to resist drugs and alcohol in the future. Meanwhile, options such as 12-step programs, faith-based counseling or chronic pain management let patients customize the recovery experience here.

Cognitive behavioral therapy introduces specific techniques to use when faced with temptation, and family counseling helps patients and their loved ones establish an effective support system for long-term success. The Treatment Center also offers court liaison services for those who need help attending to legal obligations during the detox and recovery process.

No matter where you’re from in the U.S., The Treatment Center is ready to help you or a loved one get here and into detox in order to start making headway in the path toward long-term recovery.

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