Continuing Addiction Care Program

The clinical liaisons in the Continuing Care Department help patients transition back into society as smoothly as possible. In order to do this, they use the recommendations of a client’s therapist to create an aftercare plan specifically for them.

They assist clients with personal matters while they are in treatment and create customized aftercare plans so clients can focus on healing. In fact, our clinical liaisons often tell clients, “You worry about the inside, and we’ll worry about the outside.”

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Our Individualized Aftercare Plans

Continuing Addiction Care
After a successful detox, our clinical liaisons meet regularly with patients until their discharge date arrives. Individuals can build rapport with the Continuing Care team during these meetings and begin planning for their future in recovery.

After discharge, clients will either transfer to an approved sober living home, return to their home, or we will help them make other living arrangements.

Each client leaves The Treatment Center with an aftercare plan, whether that means they attend one of our aftercare programs, or not. If they are unable to continue treatment at our outpatient rehab, we help clients find the necessary resources they need.

Therapies and Services Included in Our Aftercare Plans

Our compassionate staff creates effective, customized aftercare plans. Listed below are some of the services and therapies included in our aftercare plans:

Individual and Group Therapy

Meeting regularly with a therapist helps clients further improve their coping skills. Continuing to attend group meetings after inpatient treatment also helps clients maintain a strong support system and develop critical life skills. That is why group and individual therapy is a part of our aftercare plans.

We can also help locate 12-step meetings for clients so they can thrive in their community, no matter where that may be.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Individuals with co-occurring disorders will continue receiving dual diagnosis treatment at The Healing Center. Those who return home or live outside of our area will be referred to a reputable therapist or psychiatrist.

Holistic Services

Continuing Addiction Care We provide a variety of holistic services, including massage therapy, acupuncture and chiropractic care. These services help clients manage chronic pain, relieve stress and treat mental health disorders.

Clients who can remain local will receive holistic services and therapy at The Healing Center. For individuals who return home, we refer them to the appropriate specialists in their area.

Court Liaison Program

Our Court Liaison Program and Continuing Care team help take the focus off of legal issues so clients can focus on their recovery.

Medical, Psychiatric and Spiritual Care

Addiction affects a person’s mind, body and spirit, even after they have completed residential treatment. That is why our aftercare plans may include medical, psychiatric and spiritual care.

Community Resources

We understand that the effects of addiction can leave clients without the bare essentials or the funds to afford them. We also help them apply for food stamps, state health insurance and other free or low-cost community resources, if needed.

Family Workshops

Sometimes extra help is needed for an individual to rebuild relationships with his or her family members after inpatient treatment. It is for this reason that family workshops are a part of many patients’ aftercare plans.

Our Aftercare Programs

We customize our continuing addiction care plans to contribute to the needs of each individual. Our aftercare programs include different levels of care.

1) Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Similar to inpatient treatment, our IOP helps individuals overcome addiction, co-occurring disorders and chronic pain. The difference is that when in IOP, patients no longer receive treatment at The Treatment Center, but at The Healing Center instead. This allows them to continue treatment while living in a recovery residence, working, parenting and/or attending school.

Depending on the clinical team’s advice, most IOP plans last for 12 weeks. However, a majority of clients choose to extend their plan for added support in early recovery.

2) Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Our PHP consists of six hours of therapy five days a week and is more structured than our IOP. Someone in our PHP spends the morning and afternoon in group therapy sessions at The Healing Center. Evening groups are available as well for clients who work or go to school during the day.

3) Outpatient Program (OP)

Clients who have been in our IOP or GO Program for six months or longer may be able to step down to our outpatient program (OP). Patients who come to us from other residential treatment centers can also take part in our outpatient programs.

In OP, clients attend individual therapy sessions at The Healing Center, based on their therapist’s recommendations, allowing them to manage their life in recovery more independently.

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Continuing Addiction Care

Addiction aftercare is as critical to a client’s recovery from drugs or alcohol as inpatient treatment. If clients don’t follow a personalized aftercare plan after completing residential treatment, they are more likely to relapse.

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