Comprehensive Substance Abuse Treatment Services

One reason that our nation faces a drug abuse epidemic is because people who struggle with addiction are unable to get access to the help that they need. Of the tens of millions of Americans who are in need of substance abuse help, just 10 percent are currently receiving treatment.

Unfortunately, many of the individuals who need help are unable to locate a substance abuse center that feels like a good fit. At The Treatment Center, our wide range of treatment options ensure that our patients receive help that is responsive to their specific mental, physical and spiritual needs.

Personalized Drug and Alcohol Treatment

We understand that effective treatment must be tailored to address the unique background, experiences and substance abuse habits of each patient. That?s why our patients share their input with our certified physicians and nurses to create a personalized recovery plan. Our treatment plans generally incorporate one-on-one therapy, group counseling and life skills training to ensure that all of our patients? needs are met.

Depending on individual needs, the following treatment paths may be recommended to patients as they embark upon the road to recovery:

Our Addiction Treatment Services and Levels of Care

From detox and inpatient programs to outpatient and aftercare, The Treatment Center of the Palm Beaches provides the well-rounded care necessary to achieve lasting recovery. Review the information below to learn more about our custom levels of care:

Medically Supervised Detox

medical detox

Substance abuse can have a lasting impact on the human body. In fact, long-term alcohol and drug use will actually change the chemistry of the brain. It is critical for those struggling with substance abuse to completely remove these foreign chemicals from their system. This is why most patients at The Treatment Center begin their recovery journey with medically supervised detox while in residential recovery.

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Residential Inpatient Treatment Services

Residential Treatment

At The Treatment Center, we endeavor to provide our patients with a solid foundation for long-term recovery. Following detox and an individualized evaluation by our medical professionals, clients are invited to stay at the facility to receive around-the-clock care. Our facility provides this care in the form of one-on-one and group counseling, as well as holistic therapies. We also specialize in treating those with a dual diagnosis.

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Outpatient Treatment Services

Outpatient Treatment

Many clients are not able to extend their stay in inpatient programs beyond the initial 30 days. That’s why we make comprehensive partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient treatment available to those in recovery at The Treatment Center. We also assist individuals in our outpatient program by equipping them with tools for returning to everyday life. This includes strategies for maintaining long term sobriety and responding to life?s hurdles without resorting to drugs or alcohol.

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Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Medically Assisted Treatment

Overcoming addiction to opiates and alcohol is difficult and The Treatment Center understands that this difficulty can contribute to relapse of those in recovery. We are dedicated to being on the cutting edge of treatment options to ensure the highest success rates for our patients. One of those emerging fields is Medication Assisted Treatment or MAT. Learn more about how a supplemental medication such as Vivitrol may help you achieve the sobriety and success you’ve been searching for.

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Learn More About Our Treatment Services

Please reach out to The Treatment Center of the Palm Beaches if you have any questions about inpatient or outpatient treatment, or about our specialized programs. We are dedicated to assisting those struggling with substance abuse by providing the highest level of personalized care. Our admissions counselors are available 24/7 and are eager to assist you in your path to recovery.