Our Alumni Program ? Featuring Lifelong Addiction Recovery Services

An important part of the services we provide at The Treatment Center is helping our patients receive the necessary support to thrive in early recovery and beyond.

Our alumni program helps patients transition smoothly from residential care to everyday life by providing a supportive, lifelong recovery community for those who have graduated from The Treatment Center.

Our alumni are invited to attend weekly meetings and a variety of fun and exciting events. We also have live support via social media and a 24-hour phone hotline. Continue reading to learn more about The Treatment Center alumni program.

Welcome to Our Family

Our alumni counselors reach out to our new graduates to discuss how we can best support them as they continue their recovery journey. Caring alumni counselors like Mark help graduates navigate a smooth transition from the treatment phase into their new, sober life.

Alumni Program Benefits

Our mission is to support each and every patient in establishing a lifelong habit of sobriety that allows them to create the life they want for themselves. The alumni program supports our mission by providing graduates with ongoing support from our alumni network and a 24-hour staff hotline.

Each event is open to all former patients. Most events are free to attend or offered at a low cost. Alumni benefits include:

  • Alumni Meetings (weekly) ? Meetings are held every Thursday. While in early recovery, you can get helpful advice from alumni who are further along in their sobriety.
  • Fun Fellowship Events (monthly) ? You can make long-lasting friendships while enjoying a variety of exciting, sober activities.
  • 24-hour Hotline ? You can talk to our admissions counselors if you are struggling in recovery or would like to know about our alumni events. Please call (866) 295-6003.
  • Social Media Networks ? Find out about new events and catch up with other alumni via our Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • Recommendations for Sober Living ? We?ll help refer you to local sober-living residences that support other The Treatment Center alumni.

Alumni Support help

A Fellowship of Sober Friends

Early recovery is a crucial time, and our patients don?t have to do it alone. Our new alumni quickly become a bigger part of The Treatment Center family. No matter where they?re from, whether local or out-of-state, we?re always here to help. Patients know that once they begin treatment here, we?ve got their back ? for life!

Reach out to us anytime if:

  • You?re an alumnus who would like to speak to one of our alumni counselors about the activities and benefits available to you.
  • You?re an alumnus who is currently struggling with your sobriety and needs to speak immediately with one of our counselors. We?re available to help 24/7.
  • You or a loved one is seeking a treatment program with a supportive sober community and would like to learn more about our services.

Alumni of The Treatment Center are encouraged to sign up for our newsletter to be updated on events and community news. All you have to do is enter your email address below.

We also encourage alumni and their family to request and wear the #NoMoreShame wristband to show their support for those who seek help in recovering from addiction.

Learn More About the #NoMoreShame Movement and Request Your Free Wristband:

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