Custom Addiction Recovery Programs

At The Treatment Center, we recognize that every individual has their own unique experience in recovery. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to substance abuse, so we offer a wide range of comprehensive treatment programs and custom therapies that are then tailored to meet the needs of our patients.

We seek to help our clients overcome the physical, emotional and spiritual barriers to a healthy lifestyle. This is why our board-certified physicians, nurses, therapists and counselors work in concert to address every aspect of each client’s substance abuse. Our professionals have decades of experience in guiding patients toward overcoming their addictions and move forward along the path of recovery.

Custom Addiction Recovery Programs

Unique Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs for Personalized Recovery

We understand that substance abuse treatment must be tailored to address the unique background, experiences and drug or alcohol use habits of each client. That’s why our clients work with our certified physicians and therapists to create a personalized recovery plan. Our treatment programs generally incorporate one-on-one therapy, group counseling and life skills training to ensure that all of our clients’ mental, physical and spiritual needs are met.

Depending on individual needs, the following treatment programs may be included in a client’s care plan as they embark upon the road to recovery:

12-Step Addiction Treatment

Millions of people have used 12-step programs to successfully recover from addiction to drugs and alcohol. These programs are simple to understand and highly structured, engaging the patient on a spiritual level. At The Treatment Center, we offer 12-step plans for drugs and alcohol recovery, supplementing these treatment strategies with input from our team of licensed psychologists and physicians.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Dual diagnosis describes instances where clients that struggle with addiction also suffer from a co-occurring mental health disorder. At The Treatment Center, we recognize that clients with a dual diagnosis require experienced, intentional care to treat every aspect of their health issues. Our team of certified psychologists and clinicians are able to provide dual diagnosis clients with the assistance they need.

Faith-Based Treatment Program

At The Treatment Center we acknowledge that an individual’s spirituality can plan an important role in their recovery from substance abuse. That’s why we encourage patients of any faith, denomination or creed to find spiritual guidance through our faith-based groups. For those whose faith is centered on Christ, we offer our Road to Freedom treatment program, which is centered on Christ and messages from the Bible. We also offer religious counseling, worship services and Bible study to all clients as part of their individualized treatment plan.

Couples Addiction Treatment

It’s rare for the negative effects of substance abuse to solely impact the person struggling with addiction. In many cases, relationships deteriorate when one partner is unable to overcome a substance abuse problem. It’s also possible for both members of a couple to be grappling with addiction. These couples are in need of a solution to address both their addiction and the toxic aspects of their relationship. The Treatment Center has a solution: on-going, structured couples therapy.

Chronic Pain Management

We recognize that many clients who struggle with chronic pain are also more vulnerable to opiate dependence. The relationship between chronic pain, mental health and addiction is complex. Thankfully, our certified therapists and physicians are deeply experienced in helping patients manage chronic pain without resorting to addictive prescription drugs. Clients who visit The Treatment Center develop new strategies for pain management with the help of our holistic therapy.

Family Therapy Program

The support of close family and friends is essential to a successful recovery. That’s why we encourage a patient’s loved ones to participate in their journey to sobriety through our family therapy program. Our licensed therapists provide patients and their families with two-day workshops every three weeks. During these sessions, clients and their family members have the opportunity to work through issues with one another, address unhealthy behaviors and provide encouragement to the one who is struggling with addiction.

Holistic Treatment Therapies

Each client’s journey to sobriety is unique, in large part because each individual has very different physical and emotional needs. Therefore, we offer wide variety of holistic therapies to our clients, regardless of which type of program they have enrolled in. Holistic therapy helps address – and heal – the physical, mental and even emotional damage caused by addiction. Massage, chiropractic care, laser therapy and acupuncture are just a few of the holistic offerings we have available to inpatient and outpatient clients.

Court Liaison Program

We believe that our clients are best served in an environment where they can put their entire focus into healing from addiction. That’s why The Treatment Center offers court liaison services to clients – by way of our supervising attorney. We support communication between clients and legal representatives, we complete documentation for our clients and we facilitate video court proceedings. These and other court liaison services ensure that our clients can focus on sobriety instead of their next legal obligation.

Alumni Programs

We recognize that each patient’s recovery journey is different and that some individuals require support and care beyond our inpatient and outpatient programs. We created the alumni program in 2010 to better serve those clients who have graduated from The Treatment Center and are still interested in incorporating our services into their recovery efforts. We host weekly meetings and reoccurring events where alumni can reconnect with our staff and find additional resources for maintaining sobriety.

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