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Am I Ready for?Addiction Help?

You might feel alone in your fight against addiction, but you?re not. An estimated 23.9 million Americans are struggling with drug and alcohol abuse.?Maybe you’ve been struggling for a while. If so, you?ve come to the right place. At this addiction care facility, it?s our mission to help you refocus, rediscover, and rebuild your life without relying on drugs or alcohol.

The team here at The Treatment Center is here to help.


What is Addiction?

Reaching Out for Addiction HelpAddiction is a chronic disease. After all, it?s a serious health condition that affects the brain by changing your brain chemistry over time. You may not realize it, but addiction negatively affects your needs, desires, decision-making, and behavior. Then, before you know it, addiction becomes a driving force controlling your actions, emotions, and impulses.


What Are the Signs of Addiction?

If you?re not sure if your habits have developed into an addiction, consider the signs. To know for sure, ask yourself the following questions:

1) Do I engage in risky behavior such as stealing or driving under the influence?

2) Do I have any physical-related problems or health conditions from my use?

3) Do I actively depend on drugs or alcohol to deal with my problems?

4)?Do I struggle with social, school, work and relationship problems?

5) Have I had any problems with the law due to my risky behavior?

6) Is my use causing me to feel anxious, depressed, or moody?

7) Am I secretive by hiding stashes or keeping a constant supply?

8) Do I have a craving to use daily or several times a day?

9) Do I spend money to support my drug or alcohol use?

10) Have I tried to quit but have failed to stop using?


What Are the Consequences of Continuing to Abuse Drugs or Alcohol?

There are many consequences of addiction, and almost all of them inflict long-term damage to your life. For example, continued substance abuse may eventually lead to health problems, broken relationships, financial instability, legal problems, and more. If you are concerned about these or other consequences of addiction, you should start being more honest with yourself about your situation. So, ask yourself:

1) Why am I engaging in risky behaviors that I wouldn’t do sober?

2) Why do I feel like I am losing control of myself?

3) Why am I always anxious and depressed?

4) Why do I feel so guilty about my actions?

5) Am I disappointing my loved ones?

6) Am I going to go to jail for this?

You deserve to have a healthier and happier life. If you’re already experiencing these addiction consequences in your daily life, then it’s time to get professional help.


Am I Ready for Professional Addiction Help?

Addiction doesn’t define you. Even if you’ve been experiencing legal issues, relationship hardships, physical and mental health issues, you can still get the addiction help you need to turn your life around. Also, remember that the people who love you will support you and heal with you. After all, addiction is an illness that affects the entire family. With this in mind, treatment can benefit everyone.


Effective Individualized Addiction Treatment Services

We are a top-rated facility with the Gold Seal of Approval by the Joint Commission. At The Treatment Center, you will receive the highest level of care.

Here, you will receive individualized treatment with a wide range of services from our experienced medical doctors, nurses, counselors and licensed therapists, including:

Drug Addiction HelpMedically supervised drug and alcohol detox

Intensive outpatient program (IOP)

Family therapy workshops

Dual diagnosis treatment

Faith-based treatment

Court liaison program

Individual counseling

Inpatient treatment

Relapse prevention

12-step programs

Holistic therapies

Group therapy

24/7 support

The Treatment Center will give you the tools, resources and life skills necessary to thrive in recovery. Our team won?t just treat your addiction; we will heal the mind, body, and spirit.


Reclaim Your Life

At The Treatment Center, we teach patients how to manage their lives by recognizing triggers, changing negative thoughts, and controlling their emotions. Our patients leave our facility ready to begin a new chapter in their life.

With specialized treatment and a strong support network, you can reclaim your life, rediscover your purpose, and reconnect with family, friends and loved ones.


Reclaim Your Life with Individualized Treatment
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