Common Street Names for Illegal or Street Drugs

Illegal drugs commonly have multiple street names. These slang terms are used by dealers and users to discuss illicit substances in public without drawing attention to themselves. Unfortunately, the prevalence of drug-inspired euphemisms and street names can create new difficulties for the loved ones of a substance abuser. Parents in particular can have difficulty monitoring the behavior of their children if they are unaware of the terms or slang being used to discuss or plan illegal drug use. This list of commonly abused drugs and their street names can act as a resource for parents, teachers and family members who suspect that someone in their life is struggling with addiction.

Official Name Common Street Names Appearance Effects
Heroin H, Smack, Tar, Junk, Brown Sugar, Skag, Mud, Dope, White Horse, Black Pearl


Appears as a fine, white powder in purest form; more likely to be encountered as a light gray, brown or black colored powder. Short but intense feelings of euphoria; can be injected, smoked or sniffed
Cocaine Blow, C, Coke, Nose, Snow, White, Freeze, Powder, Base, Yeyo Appears as a white, flakey powder with varying textures, depending on level of impurities Powerful but temporary high, lack of appetite and increased heart rate; ingested through nasal tissue but may be ingested orally or via injection
Methamphetamine Meth, Crank, Crystal, Glass, Ice, Speed, Fire,


Appears as an odorless, crystalline white powder; may also be found pressed into a pill Powerful stimulant that encourages intense physical activity while limiting appetite; can be ingested orally, snorted or injected
MDMA X, E, Candy, Skittles, Thizz, Love Drug, Molly (in powder form) Appears as colorful, pressed tablets, typically adorned with a logo or mark; as a powder, likely transported in a gel cap A psychoactive stimulant capable of producing intense euphoria, a sense of inner peace and enhanced physical sensations; typically ingested orally
LSD Acid, Blotter, Tab, Microdots, Hippie, Superman, Lucy Most commonly appears as a clear liquid; can be applied to small tablets and absorbent paper for distribution Capable of producing intense visual hallucinations and intense sensory experience; typically ingested orally
Marijuana Weed, Pot, Herb, Chronic, Broccoli, Smoke, Cannabis


Appears as brown, green or dark grey plant matter, may be mixed with seeds and stems. Psychoactive capable of producing feelings of relaxation, euphoria and distorted perception of time and space; typically ingested orally as smoke but can be ingested as vapor, tea or baked goods
Ketamine K, Special K, vitamin K, cat Valium, Jet As a powder, appears as an off-white, chalky substance; can also found as a colorless liquid. A short-acting dissociative anesthetic that produces hallucinations and a sense of detachment from the body; typically ingested orally but can be snorted
Fentanyl Apache, Dance Fever, Jackpot, TNT, Goodfella, Tango and Cash (when mixed with heroin) Appears as a grey tablet on its own but is often administered onto hard candies or wearable patches A potent synthetic opioid analgesic that provides relief from severe pain; can be ingested orally or injected
PCP Angel Dust, Ozone, Wack, Rocket Fuel, Peter Pan, Lethal Weapon Appears naturally as a crystalline, off-white powder but is commonly dyed various colors and sold in the form of a tablet or capsule A dissociative hallucinogenic initially designed to work as an anesthetic; produces sensations of euphoria and intense hallucinations; typically ingested orally

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