Rising Drug and Alcohol Epidemic in South Carolina

As the United States continues to fight against an opioid epidemic, the state of South Carolina is beginning to feel the effects of this devastating problem. In 2016, reporters began covering incidents of death, drug deals, and prescription drug abuse throughout the state. The problem is prevalent and deadly. Many addicted to illegal drugs and alcohol in the state, are children looking to rebel or fit in with classmates.

The drug problem in South Carolina doesn’t get much press, statistically speaking, but the residents who struggle need help as badly as areas with higher rates of drug trafficking and abuse. The Treatment Center in Lake Worth, Florida helps South Carolina residents who struggle with addictions to heroin, prescription drugs, methamphetamine, alcohol, and other substances. Where the state’s treatment infrastructure fails, we have the resources to step in and make a permanent difference in the lives of addicts.

The Rising Addiction Epidemic in South Carolina

Statistics - Drug Addiction - SCYou won’t find many recent data sets on opioid, methamphetamine, and alcohol abuse from the state of South Carolina. However, most residents will quickly tell you that the problem is and has always been there. Today, drugs come up from Miami and across the United States from Mexico into this southern coastal state. In South Carolina, as many people die in state road accidents as they do from opioid overdoses. According to the CDC, the number of opioid deaths in South Carolina increased 9% over the period from 2014 to 2015. Based on media reports from mid=-2016, the percentage change from 2014 is likely much higher today.

The drug landscape in South Carolina is changing. In past years, methamphetamine was the drug du jour. Today, heroin is quickly surpassing methamphetamine use in most countries. State officials cracked down on the ingredients for meth, including pseudoephedrine, and heroin is taking its place. According to DEA agents in South Carolina, at least one drug deal goes down per day in most fast food restaurants in the state.

People of all demographics can develop an addiction to prescription opioids, and many transition to heroin to feed their addictions when physicians no longer write prescriptions. Fifty-eight people died in Charleston County on the coast in 2015 due to opioid overdose, and 80 people died in Horry County in 2016. Throughout the state, a total of 550 people died from either heroin or another opioid overdose. One physician who practiced in the western part of the state pleaded guilty to illegally selling upwards of 51,580 Oxycodone pills.

Alcohol continues to lead the way in young adult substance initiation. Most South Carolina teenagers try alcohol first, versus marijuana or tobacco. Using alcohol also commonly coincides with illicit drug use, making it a dangerous part of the opioid epidemic. For years, South Carolina has held a place in the top five to ten states for drunk driving accidents and deaths. Without proper support, South Carolina residents may engage in reckless and life-threatening behaviors while under the influence.

While the state is behind the pace of the nation overall in terms of drug and alcohol dependence, the majority of those who do have a problem do not receive the treatment they need to overcome the addiction.

Is South Carolina Equipped for Substance Abuse Rehabilitation?

South Carolina has a population of almost 5 million people, with relatively few treatment centers interspersed in major cities. With a sudden increase in opioid addicted teenagers and adults, many addicts may not find the care and support they need at an in-state facility. The state’s treatment infrastructure may not offer the level of care needed to keep people from dying needless deaths.

If you or a loved one struggles with a substance abuse problem in South Carolina, consider looking outside the state for a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. Even with adequate care, in-state facilities may not offer a permanent solution to addiction. Local programs cannot easily remove someone from the habits and enablers that challenge the recovery process. Don’t let the lack of in-state care drive you away from rehabilitation. Instead, look towards opportunities outside of South Carolina that may provide a better long-term solution for recovery.

Florida: First Choice in Rehabilitation for South Carolina Residents

The state of Florida sits close to South Carolina. Patients coming into the state may choose to fly or drive down to inpatient treatment programs. Known as “The Recovery State” and “The Sunshine State,” Florida offers patients a rejuvenating environment for care and support.

You may wonder if a state with a high rate of drug abuse can offer adequate support to a relatively low-risk state like South Carolina. In reality, our proximity to drug trafficking and abuse gives us the knowledge, understanding, and ability to fight against substance abuse at every level. We often lead the nation in developing treatment programs for designer drugs and dangerous drugs such as opioids. People come to Florida from other states and other countries to finally overcome serious addiction.

In a critical time in the opioid epidemic, proper care is crucial to long-term recovery. Don’t choose a treatment center based on proximity or convenience. Choose a facility with a track record of success and a comprehensive program designed for the individual – not the symptoms.

The Treatment Center: Premier Care, Compassionate Support

At The Treatment Center in Lake Worth, Florida, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive treatment program focused on holistic healing. Every person needs different tools and cares to overcome an addiction. For some, mental health lies at the root of the substance abuse problem. For others, physical addiction keeps the individual in a drug’s thrall. Our compassionate and knowledgeable care team takes the time to identify the root cause of addiction and address it fully. When you leave our treatment center, you’ll not only enjoy a feeling of health and hope, you’ll have the tools you need to remain sober for a lifetime.

Your journey towards a better life can start today. We are THE preeminent treatment center for substance abuse treatment and have a lot to offer South Carolina residents. Allow us to help you and your families rediscover hope, happiness, and purpose.

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