Rhode Island: Paths to Drug and Alcohol Abuse Recovery

The smallest state in the country has a big problem with drugs and alcohol. Sitting in the middle of ground zero of the nation’s opioid epidemic, many of Rhode Island’s residents fall into dangerous cycles of drug and alcohol abuse. Substance abuse is a slippery slope. What began as a one-time trial can quickly spiral out of control. Once addiction sets in, most people need outside help to kick a substance abuse habit for good.

At The Treatment Center in Lake Worth, Florida, we understand the challenges that residents in the northeast state face and the steps individuals must take to find a path to permanent recovery. As you research treatment options for yourself or a loved one, remember our location in sunny Florida.

Substance Abuse Trends in Rhode Island

Many people who struggle with substance abuse addiction started with the best of intentions. In the early part of the decade, physicians began to ease their standards for prescribing narcotics, giving otherwise addiction-free people a gateway into prescription and illegal substance abuse. Cultural acceptance often precipitates a dependence on alcohol in residents of all ages. Patterns in drug and alcohol use over the years indicate a sharp rise in abuse. The saddest part of all is that many of these Rhode Island substance abuse stories end in death.
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Drug overdoses in the state of Rhode Islands are on the rise. Over the past several months, the number of deaths has consistently exceeded trends from the previous year. The majority of illegal and prescription drug abuse overdoses come from the abuse of a dangerous drug known as fentanyl. In October 2015 alone, fentanyl overdoses took the lives of 20 people in Rhode Island. In 2015, 56 people lost their lives to prescription drugs, 171 died because of illegal drug use, and 63 people died with a combination of prescription and illegal drugs in their systems. While most overdose victims in the state are male, females account for nearly a third of all overdose deaths.

Most people who died in the same year were between ages 21 and 41, but Rhode Island is particularly worried about the increasing number of children aged 12-17 who are engaging in illegal substance abuse. The state rate for illicit drug abuse ranks much higher than the national average.

In addition to the prescription drug fentanyl, heroin and other opioid prescriptions create the largest cause for concern in the drug overdose epidemic. Methamphetamine, designer drugs, marijuana, and cocaine also play a role in the state’s drug abuse problem. The state government estimates that more than 20,000 residents struggle with opioid abuse problems and do not currently receive treatment. Stigma, chemical dependency, and other factors may play a role in the current rate of treatment.

Stats of addiction in Rhode IslandWhile not as statistically pervasive as an opioid dependency, alcohol abuse also ranks high on the state’s radar for substance abuse treatment. In the first half of this decade, the rates of heavy alcohol use in adults over 21, was consistently higher than the national average. In the year from 2013-2014, 69,000 people over the age of 12 binge-drank or developed another form of dependency on alcohol. While the statistics do not reflect the actual data from the past few years, it does highlight a problem that has affected the United States since before Prohibition. Roughly 92.6% of those struggling with alcohol problems never seek professional support.

As a socially acceptable substance, alcohol abuse often sneaks up on users. Over time, they find themselves moving towards the bottle outside of social events, and they need more alcohol to feel the same buzz. Stigma often prevents people who know they have a problem from seeking help until the addiction takes an increasingly larger role in their lives.

Are Rhode Island Treatment Centers Right for You?

Every state offers substance abuse treatment centers, but not all centers are created equal. If you’ve started researching rehabilitation programs, you’ve probably seen how some only offer inpatient care while others may only provide outpatient care and limited therapy options. Few programs in the state of Rhode Island offer comprehensive treatment for people who struggle with a wide range of problems including codependency, dual diagnosis, and the need for supervised detox.

The opioid epidemic took much of the nation by surprise. Many facilities cannot keep up with the demand for treatment. As a result, patients may not receive the compassionate care and support they need to heal. Sometimes, an out-of-state solution provides the most benefit for Rhode Island residents. To achieve long-lasting rehabilitation, patients often need the right environment, the right care, and the right support. Nobody wants to spend their time in and out of treatment centers struggling with the same old habits. Choose a facility known for its satisfaction rates, and commit yourself or your loved one to an individual-oriented program.

Florida: The Top Spot for Substance Abuse Treatment

Where other states’ treatment programs fail, Florida centers succeed. While we must give some credit to our state’s beautiful sunny weather that makes everyone feel a little brighter, we also have access to the best recovery professionals in the business. As the southern gateway for illegal drug trafficking, Florida sees its fair share of drug problems. Florida natives are not proud that many drug problems originate in our ports, but the situation does give us a unique advantage in terms of treatment.

Our physicians saw what Flakka, spice, and bath salts and other new wave drugs do to people first hand, giving us the opportunity to create specialized treatment programs that work. Whether you’ve struggled with your drink of choice for years or a Fentanyl prescription turned into a heroin addiction, our state has the infrastructure to help people who struggle with substance abuse.

Our experience and knowledge with substance victims have led to us adopting the nickname “The Recovery State” within the medical community. Florida has the resources, the climate, and the expertise to give recovering addicts their best chance of reaching a permanent state of rehabilitation.

The Treatment Center Accepts Rhode Island Patients

When it comes to substance abuse, you must treat the root of the problem to ever fully recover. At The Treatment Center on the coast of southeast Florida, our compassionate treatment team treats every patient individually. We use holistic and scientifically supported treatment protocols to give each person the tools they need to get well.

Your past does not define your future. Take control starting today and look into the treatment option that can help you recover from mild, moderate, and severe addictions. We believe in our patients and we can’t wait to show you how bright your future looks. You won’t find a rehabilitation program in Rhode Island that offers the same comprehensive support and care as The Treatment Center. Let us help you find hope and take back your life.

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