Pennsylvania Resident Options for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Pennsylvania enjoys a rich history that dates back to the earliest days of this nation. Unfortunately, the state has also seen a statistically significant increase in overdose deaths over the past few years, along with most of the Northeast. Despite public awareness campaigns, many Pennsylvanians cannot give up a drug or alcohol addiction without professional help.

While the state of Pennsylvania offers many treatment options for residents who need support, many who remain in-state never receive the type of care they really need. The Treatment Center in Lake Worth, Florida offers many Pennsylvanians the hope and care needed to beat a difficult addiction once and for all. We serve a nationwide base of patients looking for a different, more comprehensive approach to drug and alcohol treatments.

Pennsylvania Substance Abuse Challenges

The state of Pennsylvania currently ranks higher than most other states for heroin and opioid substance abuse and youth alcohol abuse. While Pennsylvania offers many free drug abuse program and awareness campaigns, the abuse epidemic remains strong in this area of the country. What begins as an innocent experiment or rebellious act often turns into a life-altering substance abuse problem.

Statistics Pennsylvania AddictionThe most recent data available indicates that more than 3,383 state residents died of a drug overdose in 2015. At a rate of 26 deaths per 100,000 residents, the state rate is much higher than the national average of 14.7 deaths per 100,000 people. The state believes the number has continued to rise since then. As reflected in a nationwide opioid epidemic, heroin and opioid prescriptions account for some of the highest rates of abuse and overdose deaths. Heroin was found in toxicology reports for 55% of all drug-related overdose deaths. Pennsylvania communities are particularly concerned about the number of young people who struggle with addictions early in life.

Naloxone (opioid antagonist) treatments saved 600 lives from 2015 to 2016, but one overdose reversal does not necessarily preclude a rebound. Many addicts require consistent and long-term recovery support to permanently give up an addiction to narcotic prescriptions and/or heroin.

Of the more than 3,000 people who lost their lives to substance just a few years ago, many had also consumed alcohol in addition to illicit or prescription drugs. Opioids depress respiration. On its own, the drug can lead to extremely low oxygen levels and death. When combined with other drugs or alcohol, the secondary substances often hasten life-threatening conditions.

In the last decade, adolescents aged 12-20 reported binge drinking at a higher rate than the national average. Alcohol remains the substance of choice for teenagers who live in Pennsylvania, and many do not truly understand the ramifications of drinking up to five or more drinks on a regular basis. Alcohol abuse in young people often coincides with unaddressed emotional difficulties. State data indicates that many teenagers experience depressive episodes and turn to alcohol as a form of self-medication instead of reaching out for help.

For people of legal drinking age, the state also reports a higher than average rate of dependency on alcohol and alcohol abuse. Unfortunately, only a fraction of those who struggle with alcohol seek assistance. Around 94% of those who engage in abusive habits fail to seek treatment in Pennsylvania or elsewhere.

Where Pennsylvania Care Often Falls Short

The data over the past 10 years is clear. General trends in the state indicate a serious problem with substance abuse in people of all ages. For those who have already developed a habit, unlearning dependency is both a difficult and crucial part of moving forward. Sometimes, state awareness programs fail to change the social acceptance, peer pressure, and stubbornness that often go along with addiction.

Like other states, Pennsylvania offers treatment centers, nonprofit support, and outreach programs. However, remaining at, or close to home can often derail recovery efforts, and the state’s current predicament leaves many substance abuse teams overextended. In the face of serious substance abuse problems, addicts and their families need to know they can trust a facility to provide personal and continual support. Those struggling to kick old habits may need to get away from the places and people who may consciously or unconsciously subvert the recovery process.

If you do not find a clinic you feel 100% confident in checking yourself or another family member into, consider an out-of-state alternative with a proven track record for drug and alcohol support.

Discover Treatment in Premier Florida Facilities

Many substance abusers find the help they need in the state of Florida. In Florida, we don’t experience long and brutally cold winters that can make even the best intentions turn into doubt and frustration. Our weather is only one reason why many families bring their loved ones here for treatment.

For years, Miami has served as a gateway for drug trafficking. As a result, our state is often the first to hear about the latest drugs to hit the market. From methamphetamine to the latest designer drug made from household substances, our state hears it all and treats it all. Medical professionals come here to receive firsthand experience in a drug-heavy region, and they hone their practice in our rehabilitation centers. Today, we have some of the best drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs available in the United States. Many health professionals even refer to the Sunshine state as “The Recovery State,” because we maintain a high treatment success rate.

Pennsylvania is a short flight away from the preeminent drug treatment centers located in the state of Florida. Consider our state your first choice for the environment, support, and expert care.

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