Battling Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Oregon: Facts, Information and Statistics

The struggles of drug and substance abuse are a nationwide concern. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) confirms that drug abuse causes more accidental death in the United States than motor vehicle accidents or firearms cause. Claiming 56,000 lives in 2015 alone, drug and alcohol addictions and abuse are far reaching afflictions that touch every corner of the nation. The Pacific Northwest state of Oregon is far from immune to the impacts of substance abuse. Known for its rugged and diverse terrain, beautiful coastline, and somewhat rainy climate, Oregon offers much in the way of beauty and hope. Unfortunately, however, many of the state’s residents struggle with drug and alcohol addictions. For some, the thrall of addiction overshadows the opportunity and promise afforded by the state’s wonderful resources.

Many counties in Oregon are part of a nationally recognized High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA). Trafficking, possession, and use disproportionally plague these areas of the state. If you or those close to you suffer from a drug or alcohol addiction consider out-of-state treatment programs as a way to break the cycle of addiction.

Oregon’s Struggles with Substance Abuse

As of 2016, the most significant threats Oregon faces in terms of drug and alcohol abuse include methamphetamine, heroin, marijuana, and prescription drugs. Sadly, the use of illegal drugs continues to surpass national averages. In the last year, the state ranked fourth in the country for reports of illegal drug use in teenagers and adults.

Oregon correctional facilities house around 47,000 individuals at a time and the largest population in those facilities is comprised of people doing time for drug-related offenses. The state sits along a Pacific corridor known for drug trafficking. Cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine often come from Mexico, into California, and then up through the northwestern states.

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The number one drug threat in the state, methamphetamine is a dangerous and highly addictive stimulant that affects the central nervous system. Over time, a user’s personality may begin to change. Violence, psychotic episodes, hallucinations, and confusion are all possible side-effects of using the drug. The drug wreaks havoc on a user’s health and will contribute to hair loss, skin complications, and tooth decay. Public education programs have only stymied the rates of meth addiction in the HIDTA areas of Oregon. Over a third of people who enter into drug rehabilitation facilities in the state used methamphetamine.

Heroin also accounts for over a third of patients who check into rehabilitation centers from the state of Oregon. An increasing number of young people use this highly addictive opioid today, and deaths associated with heroin overdoses are on the rise. Although Oregon is one of few states to legalize recreational marijuana, the illegal marijuana trade continues to thrive and contributes to addictive patterns on its own. Many of the problems associated with marijuana use are caused by additives and concentrated distillations that increase the risks of using the drug.

Oregon Addiction Treatment Stats

Controlled prescriptions are also something to watch out for as a major threat in Oregon. Those who abuse prescription drugs may receive valid prescriptions and misuse the medication or purchase the drugs illegally from a valid prescription holder. Many heroin addicts in the area begin using prescription opioids and then switch to heroin to maintain their addictive habits.

Alcohol abuse is an age-old problem that affects people from coast to coast in this country. Some of the most recent data available from the state highlights an increasing problem with underage alcohol abuse. Roughly 442,000 adolescents aged 12-20 live in the state of Oregon. In 2015, nearly 30% of those adolescents admitted to drinking alcohol in the month prior to taking the survey, and almost 20% admitted to binge drinking. Alcohol problems that start in childhood tend to linger into adulthood and can destroy careers, relationships, and quality of life.

While the rate of alcohol abuse in Oregon is not as clearly defined as illegal drug use, many people check into rehabilitation programs from the state every year looking for a way out of their dependencies.

Seeking Care: In-State vs. Out-Of-State Treatment

Substance abuse death and dependency in Oregon highlights a heartbreaking struggle in an area of extremely high drug trafficking rates. The good news is that residents of all ages can find a way out. While Oregon offers many in-state treatment centers that offer inpatient and outpatient service, many addicts need a completely fresh start to break the cycle and overcome their dependencies once and for all.

Out-of-state facilities take away the temptations of falling into old habits with fellow drug abusers. In a state with such a high rate of trafficking, seeking treatment in Oregon may not achieve long-term results. Many states offer viable treatment centers, but very few offer comprehensive programs designed to treat a person’s mind and body using cutting edge rehabilitation therapies, programs, and techniques.

Look at Florida for Premier Drug and Alcohol Treatment

If you or someone you know currently struggles with substance dependency and abuse, we encourage you to think about the sunny state of Florida. Here, in our warm climate on the east coast, many people from across the country receive the treatment they so desperately need.

You may wonder what Florida has to offer that is differs from other states and treatment programs. The state of Florida has seen its own share of drug and alcohol struggles. As a peninsula, many drug traffickers from South America, the Caribbean, and elsewhere have funneled drugs into the United States using our ports. While residents hate to see traffickers abuse their rights in this country, this gives our medical professionals a unique edge. From methamphetamine to the latest designer drugs (e.g. bath salts or spice), we’ve seen it all and we have industry-related insights that really help in overcoming addiction.

In Florida, recovering addicts can access some of the nation’s most premier medical care in one of the most recuperative environments available. Known as the sunshine state, many patients feel different in their first few days of treatment. Sun, quality treatment, and support come together in our state to offer a unique recovery experience.

Find Long Term Recovery at the Treatment Center

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