The Deadly Costs of Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Michigan

Every year, millions of Americans struggle with the consequences of substance abuse. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), 24.6 million Americans – or almost 10% of the population 12 or older – reported past-month drug use in their last survey on Drug Use and Health. This problem is getting worse. Deaths from overdose have risen drastically in the past decade, a 2.2 fold increase since 2002. Drug abuse is now the leading cause of accidental death in the United States, surpassing both motor vehicle accidents and incidents involving firearms. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention considers substance abuse to be an epidemic, with comparable significance to obesity and cancer.

Our nation’s battle with substance abuse has become more difficult as a direct result of the opioid epidemic. Overdose deaths from heroin and illicit opioids have increased disproportionately in the past decade, 5.9 and 6.2-fold increases, respectively. Nearly two-thirds of 2015’s overdose deaths were due to heroin or synthetic opioids.

Michigan Fights Heroin and Cocaine

Michigan Addiction Treatment StatsMichigan shares a similar struggle. In 2009, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services reported that poisoning had surpassed motor vehicle accidents as the leading cause of unintentional death. Approximately 90% of those poisonings were drug related. In 2010 (the last year the department published data), there were 973 overdoses. A quarter of those were due to opioid analgesics, an 8.3-fold increase from 2002.

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Problems Even Worse in Wayne County

While the rest of the state struggles primarily with prescription and synthetic opioids, the picture is different in Wayne County, home to Detroit, the poorest urban area in the nation. In Detroit, the two main drugs of abuse are heroin and cocaine, based on state treatment admission data. Crack cocaine is the most commonly used form of cocaine that leads to overdose. Nearly 16% of the state’s publically funded treatment admissions in Wayne County were due to cocaine and 33% were from heroin.

The consequences of substance abuse are both dire and very real. Citizens in Detroit and throughout the state are losing their lives, primarily to opioid abuse and crack cocaine. The increases in overdose rates, both in Michigan’s urban areas and throughout the state, create a compelling case for action.

Can Michigan Handle Its Substance Abuse Epidemic?

These statistics illuminate a disturbing trend in Michigan, but they take on a more poignant meaning when we put them into context. These are more than just numbers on a health department spreadsheet; they’re members of families. The people overdosing in Michigan are mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, daughters and sons. Sadly, each of these deaths would have been preventable with effective detection, intervention, and treatment. The state (Detroit in particular) does receive federal funding for diversion into public treatment centers, but not nearly enough to handle the scope of the problem. Unfortunately, the vast majority of addicts – around 85% – never get the help they need.

Addiction is a complex medical condition that requires an individualized approach. Patients who receive intervention in a timely and tailored fashion are the most likely to sustain healthy habits throughout their recovery. Interventions that focus on healing the mind, body, and spirit are particularly beneficial.

Timely Assistance Difficult to Come By

Success depends, in part, on the right infrastructure, as well as an addict’s personal commitment to sobriety. Unfortunately, the sheer number of addicts throughout Detroit and the state of Michigan make it difficult for officials to ensure the timely and quality delivery of addiction care in within their borders.

For this reason, addicts and their families are turning to alternative methods, such as out-of-state care, for the treatment of substance abuse disorders. Florida offers hope for the people of Michigan. Its abundance of renowned treatment centers, coupled with its sun-soaked location, makes Florida an ideal place to recover. Mental health professionals from around the state have made a concentrated effort to curb addiction within our borders and now they are using their expertise for people from other places. Patients come from around the world to receive compassionate treatment here in Florida.

Florida Gives Hope for a New Life

Each treatment center here has its own approach to remediating and treating addiction. But we all share a common goal: We aim to combine the best practices in addiction medicine with cutting edge-resources and qualified professionals to create a successful intervention that tends to the mind and body. In the past few years, Florida emerged as a leader in addiction care, earning it the reputation as a Recovery State. This reputation encourages visitors to begin their journey to healing here.

Michigan suffers from the consequences of the opioid epidemic and is waging a battle with crack cocaine. When families are struggling under the weight of these substances, they may feel that the battle is already lost. Here in Florida, we offer health and hope. The leading experts in addiction medicine are waiting, ready to guide you on a new path.

The Treatment Center Leads the Way in Addiction Medicine Excellence

The Treatment Center of the Palm Beaches is the premier addiction treatment facility in the state. We pride ourselves on being a leader in treatment excellence, and our commitment to mental health and holistic well-being make us unique. We staff our facility with the most qualified experts the field has to offer. Our approach combines evidence-based medicine and best practices in mental health to create interventions that are tailored to each person. Our techniques include, but are not limited to, group therapy, individual sessions, faith-based healing, and medically supervised detox.

Our treatment center is just two minutes from one of Florida’s most scenic beaches. This is a perfect environment to relax, reflect, and find peace with your past while looking ahead to a brighter future. At the Treatment Center of the Palm Beaches, our only goal is to help you live a long and fulfilled life. Come visit and we’ll take that journey together.

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