Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Hawaii and a Path to Recovery

The numbers of states facing epidemics levels of drug addiction and overdoses are growing every day. The pipelines between states are intricate and alarmingly efficient. People looking for relief from daily struggles or self-medicating due to chronic pain find relief from prescription drugs and alcohol, quickly become addicted, and find heroin and other illicit drugs easily accessible when their pill supply runs out. It’s a perfect, tragic formula for addiction.

As an island apart from the mainland of the U.S., many would assume that Hawaii is a safe haven from such problems. Unfortunately, that is far from the truth. While much of the country is battling opiate and heroin addiction, Hawaii faces another deadly threat – meth.

Hawaii’s Addiction Crisis

Hawaii Addiction StatsThe most recent reports from the National Substance Abuse Index say crystal methamphetamine, also called ice, is Hawaii’s primary drug threat. The state has the highest ice use per capita in the United States. Its use is also connected to an extremely high crime rate. Crystal methamphetamine abuse is commonly associated with child neglect and abuse, domestic abuse, and homicide. Pure crystal meth, sometimes with a purity rate as high as 95%, is available throughout Hawaii.

Hawaii’s pipeline for meth is surprising – couriers, parcel services, and even some U.S. Postal Service members are primarily responsible for transporting crystal meth to Hawaii from the mainland. Southwestern states often export the drug to the islands. Meth lab seizures, particularly seizures of small “conversion labs,” are prevalent throughout the islands.

Though meth is the biggest culprit, there are many cases of drug abuse throughout the state, including marijuana – which is often used among the young – cocaine and opioids.

State Shortfalls for Helping Addicts

Hawaii is a High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA). Its heavy tourist and commercial traffic increases drug threats and poses huge challenges for law enforcement each year. The proximity of Honolulu International Airport, combined with Hawaii’s isolated location, makes it easy for smugglers and dealers to transport supplies without much detection. Many dealers use legitimate businesses as fronts to smuggle illicit drugs or alcohol.

Hawaii is also home to several drug trafficking organizations (DTOs), gangs, and criminal groups. Much of Hawaii’s resources go to fighting the influx of drugs from these HIDTAs and DTOs, so there is little left to help those who have become addicted as a result. With drug overdose fatalities increasing by 83% from 2006 to 2014, the state has a long way to go to help those already in the throes of addiction.

Hawaii’s Efforts to Prevent and Eliminate Substance Abuse

In response, Hawaii has prepared several analytical reports to educate its citizens regarding substance abuse, as well as top-down and bottom-up approaches to treatment. In recent years, the state received at least two grants to study statewide substance abuse and prepare or modify treatment accordingly. Such grants are good first steps toward prevention, but it does little to those who are struggling today.

Florida Offers Treatment Options for Struggling Addicts

It may be difficult to leave the beauty of home when you are struggling with an addiction, but experts in recovery suggest it’s one of the most important first steps you can take. As opposed to Hawaii, Florida has established programs in place to help addicts. As a state that was on the front lines drug addiction for many years, treatment facilities and government agencies have a better understanding of how to treat addiction because they have spent years battling it.

Despite Hawaii’s continued efforts to eliminate substance abuse, many Hawaiians struggle to find treatment. Many parts of Hawaii are isolated, and certain populations may have trouble finding treatment unique to their cultural needs. Consider finding help at Florida’s The Treatment Center of the Palm Beaches, LLC. We’re considered “the” treatment center for a reason.

Get Help from the Treatment Center of the Palm Beaches

At The Treatment Center, we believe that working with experienced, skilled professionals is the best path to recovery. Many elements lead people to addiction, and so it takes many layers of work to help lift an addict out. A holistic approach to recovery is our focus because we’ve seen its success. Addiction doesn’t happen in a vacuum – it’s the result of much suffering and often underlying issues. Without proper treatment of those issues, recovery will always feel like an uphill battle.

Coming to us gives you access to some of the United States’ most qualified substance abuse experts and increases your chances for recovery. In addition, the warm and hospitable climate may make this part of the mainland feel more like home. If you or a loved one struggles with a substance addiction, contact The Treatment Center for help today.

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