Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Delaware – How a State Epidemic Became a Regional Issue

Across the country, the heroin epidemic has crippled communities large and small. Though there was a time when drug use was mainly an issue for cities, more and more smaller towns are finding that drugs – and opiates, in particular – have had devastating consequences for the people who live there.

Unfortunately, such has been the issue in towns throughout Delaware. One unfortunate issue in the state is that, although the drug crisis has been statewide, the northern half of the state has much more access to care, while the lower half has just as much drug use, with treatment centers too far away and too few between to service the area’s needs.

Delaware’s Struggle Against Opioids

Statistics of Addiction in DelawareThough no drug is easy to kick, heroin is known for its addictiveness, and it’s one of the most plentiful and widely available drugs in the state. Currently, Wilmington is the state’s largest local heroin supply base.

In the past three years, the purity of heroin purchased in Delaware ranged from 19–87%. Average heroin purity was 50%; the other half is often Fentanyl, and these together are a prescription for overdosing.

Many people fighting pain from surgery or other chronic health issues become addicted to opioid prescriptions, and when those prescriptions run out, they go to the much cheaper version: heroin. According to a recent report from Delaware’s News Journal, heroin at least 67% pure can be purchased for as little as $3 a bag. Because users can never be sure just how much heroin they are taking, they are always in danger of a fatal overdose.

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How Delaware’s System Has Failed Addicts

People become addicted and dependent on drugs and alcohol for a variety of reasons, but the beginnings are generally extremely innocent. Many smoke pot to relieve stress and found that they either needed more to maintain their calm or that they needed something else – usually something more powerful and therefore more dangerous – to get them through the day. Like many areas across the country, addiction carries a stigma and, in Delaware, that’s been a problem that has prevented many people from getting the help and treatment they need.

Today, Delaware is known for its lack of adequate treatment facilities and addiction therapy resources. People are trying to help; New Castle County police and others are working hard to make treatment more accessible with programs that work to put addicts in treatment facilities rather than jail. Unfortunately, there aren’t really enough resources to help all those in need.

Experts also suggest that the little help available needs more funding to encourage better “step-down” programs that would allow people to level off their dependency. Unfortunately, there simply isn’t the kind of care necessary that would counter episodes of relapse.

Florida Treatment Centers Offer Care for Addicts

Delaware’s lack of treatment facilities and state funding continue to hurt those looking for help. Florida, however, has been the answer for many people from Delaware already, who have discovered that, as “The Recovery State,” the funding, resources, and educational opportunities for getting clean and staying clean are abundant.

There are many advantages to recovery in Florida – the warm weather is healing. For those who have become dependent on opiates and other drugs for pain relief, that element alone is crucial. The warm, humid air of the state means less joint pain and suffering during the initial stages of detox – and every step that makes detoxification easier makes recovery easier, decreasing the chances for relapsing. Another crucial element to getting off drugs is a change of place. To transform the mind’s reliance on a substance, addicts must transform their associations, as well. Leaving home is an important step in that process, and Florida makes it easy for addicts to get the help they need.

The Treatment Center of the Palm Beaches Offers Help for Addicts

At The Treatment Center, we understand that addicts need guidance and help – addiction is a disease, and like any disease, there are many components to recovery. We believe that a healthy body starts with a healthy mind, so our program offers holistic recovery options. For addicts, trading one addiction for another in an effort to get clean is counter-intuitive. We aim to help restore the health of an addict – spiritually, physically and mentally. When all elements of the mind and body are working together, the chances of relapse plummet.

We don’t believe that once someone is an addict they are always one; we’ve seen that myth busted repeatedly as our clients return to a clean lifestyle without dependencies. Across the United States, many addicts are looking for help, but state resources are either inadequate or impossible to obtain. Hospitals and outpatient treatment programs often admit substance abusers but discharge them without adequate after-care instructions. We have a team of skilled professionals across fields to ensure no one slips through the net.

At The Treatment Center of the Palm Beaches, LLC, we offer a caring place to heal with an experienced team of medical professionals and counselors. We are an inpatient facility, so you will not leave us without the opportunity to complete full treatment protocol. We are dedicated, compassionate drug and alcohol abuse experts. Whether you live in Delaware or New Delhi, we are here to help you or your loved one. Contact us today for more information on how you can live a drug and alcohol-free life.

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