Facts and Stats of The Drug and Alcohol Abuse Epidemic in Colorado

Substance abuse is a serious problem that impacts the entire country. Every community in the United States struggles with addiction and drug abuse. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) estimates that the total costs of illicit drug abuse is $193 billion annually, while alcohol accounts for another $224 billion in costs. This is comparable to the management costs of other chronic diseases, such as diabetes and cancer. Like diabetes or cancer, substance abuse requires early detection and continued treatment.

Drug Overdoses Are Now The Leading Cause of Accidental Death

Stats on addiction treatment in ColoradoUnfortunately, drug abuse trends are increasing on a countrywide scale. NIDA reports that overdose from illicit drugs are the leading cause of accidental death in the United States, claiming more lives than car accidents or firearms.

The marked increase in overdose deaths can be linked directly to prescription painkillers, heroin, and other synthetic opioids – these overdoses make up nearly 60 percent of all deaths from drug overdose.

Colorado struggles with its own share of addiction. Drug overdose deaths in the state top the national average and a recent report from the Colorado Health Institute found that overdose deaths were up in every single county. In Arapahoe County, the overdose rate doubled in just 15 years, and more than three-quarters of those deaths were due to opioids. Twelve counties in Colorado have the highest death rates from drug overdose in the country.

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Alcohol Abuse Causing Legal Problems Too

Even legal substances, such as alcohol, take their toll. According to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, which surveys health behavior around the country, nearly one-third of residents in Pitkin and Routt counties reported engaging unsafe levels of drinking. Additional federal government data show that Colorado is the only state in the union to report heavy consumption of all four major intoxicants: marijuana, alcohol, cocaine, and opioids.

Can Colorado Help Its Addicted Citizens?

Despite efforts to curb the epidemic, public health officials have been unsuccessful in reducing the number of drug overdose deaths. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention consider drug abuse to be a nationwide epidemic, comparable to the country’s struggles with obesity and cancer.

The trends of drug abuse in Colorado point to a disturbing reality, one that suggests the state is not well equipped to handle its drug and alcohol epidemic. In fact, federal data reveal that Colorado is one of the worst equipped states to address alcoholism, because there is not enough access to treatment.

Preventable Deaths

Though the statistics regarding drug and alcohol abuse in the state are illuminating, they take on new meaning when we consider that every single death was preventable. Eighty-five percent of addicts never get the care they need, meaning that effective treatment could save countless lives and families.

Addicts Overwhelm System

When addicts receive treatment with a holistic focus and a multidisciplinary approach, they can achieve recovery and live a healthy life. Addiction is a complex disease that requires a good support system and access to the best treatment options available. While the state of Colorado has treatment centers, the sheer number addicts in the state make it difficult for these centers to properly tailor and administer programs. Given that the most effective treatment programs are individual to the patient, it’s easy to see why the state struggles to provide care and why families of addicts are searching for other options.

Addicts and their loved ones are increasingly turning to alternative treatment options, such as out-of-state care, to win their fight with substance abuse. Florida, for example, has become renowned for its numerous treatment centers. The Sunshine State knows intimately the dangers and consequences of drug abuse. Its seaside location full of bustling ports makes it easy for drugs to enter the country and make their way throughout the state.

Public health officials have created a systemic effort to prevent and treat substance abuse disorders throughout the state. Florida has become a beacon for addiction recovery programs, with countless options for both alcohol and drug abuse. Out-of-town guests enjoy the best treatment the mental health field has to offer, all in a sun-soaked climate.

Connecting Individuals to Quality Addiction Care

Every treatment center has a unique guiding philosophy to recovery, but they share a common goal. Evidence-based practices, a multidisciplinary approach, and the best tools modern medicine has to offer allow treatment centers to heal the mind, body, and spirit. Florida has become so successful in treating patients with addiction that mental health professionals refer to it as the Recovery State. This reputation has encouraged visitors from around the globe to come to Florida for help. Treatment centers in Florida welcome all who want to re-create their lives with a focus on positivity and health.

The United States, including Colorado, is in the middle of a deadly drug epidemic. This is a cause for concern, but Florida offers hope. If you or someone you know is losing a fight with addiction, there is hope and health waiting in the Recovery State. Medical and mental health professionals are waiting to help guide you or your loved one to health, as you begin your recovery in a relaxing atmosphere.

The Treatment Center Is a Leader in Residential Addiction Care

The Treatment Center of the Palm Beaches stands out in its commitment to healing and health. We welcome Colorado visitors to join us and make the first important step in recovery. We staff our center with leading experts in addiction medicine, as well as professionals dedicated to healing the mind and spirit. Our services include medically supervised detox, group and individual therapy, faith-based healing, and 12-step programs, among others. We cater to the needs of each patient and tailor interventions that encourage recovery.

Our establishment is located two miles from the beach and offers substance abuse and addiction services in a relaxing environment. Our only goal is to help addicts and families find health and happiness in their journey to recovery, allowing them to lead productive and fulfilled lives. Let’s get started on that journey together.

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