Eye Opening Facts of the Drug and Alcohol Abuse Epidemic in California

Substance abuse is an epidemic, one that affects every age, race, gender, and ethnicity in our nation. There are as many as 20 million people in the United States right now suffering from drug or alcohol abuse. Substance abuse disorders tear our nation’s families apart, because drug addiction affects aunts, uncles, mothers, fathers, and children.

Illicit drug abuse is a disturbing trend that has only increased in recent years. In fact, illicit drug use claims more lives than any other form of accidental death each year, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Heroin and synthetic opioids comprise the largest number of drug overdose deaths, making up almost 60 percent of accidental deaths related to drug overdose. These trends illustrate why we are in the middle of an opioid epidemic.

Drug Abuse Kills 11 People in California Each Day

Treatment Stats - CaliforniaDrug abuse similarly affects California, and it’s not exclusive to opioids. Experts estimate that 3 million people in California alone abuse drugs. Eleven people die in the state each day as a direct result of drug abuse, making it a larger killer than car accidents, suicides, homicides, or firearms. More than 40,000 emergency room visits in California each year are drug-related, costing the economy millions of dollars. In fact, the state spends an estimated $60 million a year housing inmates related to abuse and trafficking of marijuana alone.

California struggles with drug abuse of all kinds. In 2015, the state seized:

  • 800 pounds of heroin
  • 5,000 pounds of meth
  • 413,000 pounds of marijuana
  • 18,000 pounds of cocaine
  • 300,000 ecstasy pills

Smugglers Use Ports to Ship Drugs

California is home to a number of global shipping ports, which makes it easy for criminals to smuggle drugs into the country and distribute them throughout the state.

These statistics point to a disturbing trend, one that illustrates that California is not equipped to handle the scope of its drug abuse epidemic. The state could avoid daily drug-related deaths with appropriate therapy and intervention. Unfortunately, experts estimate the overwhelming majority – some 85 percent of addicts – will never get the treatment they need.

How Is California Handling Its Drug Abuse Epidemic?

When substance abuse disorders are treated with a multidisciplinary approach, recovery is possible. Addiction is a complex medical condition that requires a holistic approach, a comprehensive support system, and access to the best tools available. Interventions that combine individualized and group therapy often are associated with positive outcomes. Tailoring a program to meet the needs of the individual addict is one of the driving factors in a successful recovery.

Too Many Addicts, Too Few Addiction Treatment Centers

California’s treatment centers are ill equipped to handle the sheer number of addicts in the state. With an influx of patients with particular needs, California struggles to provide the resources to families who struggle with addiction. For this reason, addicts and their loved ones are turning to out-of-state treatment facilities to ensure the best care possible.

Florida Understands the Addiction Epidemic

Florida, too, knows the dangers and consequences of drug and alcohol abuse. Like California, it’s home to bustling shipping ports that bring illicit drugs from other countries into its cities, towns, and homes. The opioid epidemic hit the state hard, and there was a 23 percent increase in the number of opioid-related deaths between 2014 and 2015. It’s also a hotbed of other drug activity, including cocaine and newer drugs, such as bath salts.

Public health officials in the state are intimately aware of the negative outcomes associated with drug and alcohol abuse. In response, the state has poured its fiscal resources into treatment and prevention. Florida spends an estimated 16.7 percent of its budget on expenses relating to addiction and substance abuse. Health professionals have turned Florida’s drug problems into an opportunity for addicts and their families. The Sunshine State has become a beacon for addiction recovery programs, with countless options for alcohol and drug abuse treatment. Out-of-town guests enjoy the best care the mental health field has to offer, all in the sun-soaked climate of Florida.

Expert Treatment in the Recovery State

Every treatment center has its own approach to recovery, but they share a similar ideal – world-class care, the best techniques modern science can offer, and resources that heal the mind, body, and spirit. Florida has become so successful in rehabilitating patients that professionals in the mental health field have nicknamed it the Recovery State. This reputation has encouraged guests from all over the country to visit and receive exceptional care. Treatment centers throughout the state accept visitors from all over the country and the globe with open arms and a focus on recreating a positive life.

While it’s true that the United States is in the midst of a deadly drug epidemic, there is also cause for hope. If you or a loved one is struggling under the weight of addiction, there health and hope are available in the Recovery State. Our team of medical and mental health professionals is waiting for you to begin your journey toward health in a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere.

The Treatment Center Is Leading the Way in Excellence of Addiction Care

The Treatment Center of the Palm Beaches has been leading the charge in addiction science and the art of recovery. We’re committed to providing the best care Florida has to offer its California visitors. We’re staffed with leaders in mental health, from medical doctors to counselors. We offer a tailored approach according to the needs of the patient, and have a variety of resources, from faith-based recovery to individual and group therapy.

Our establishment is two miles from the beach and offers an unparalleled experience for addicts to focus on their recoveries in peace and tranquility. Our only mission is to help addicts and their families find happiness and health in recovery, so they can live long and productive lives. Let us work with you so you can be your best.

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