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Access to reliable information is an important tool in the fight against substance abuse. Those struggling with addiction are more likely seek help when they better understand the major risks and dangerous consequences associated with their behavior. Likewise, friends and loved ones will be better equipped to understand and assist an individual with a substance abuse problem.

At The Treatment Center by The Recovery Village, our goal is to bring hope to those individuals and families impacted by substance abuse. Our addiction resources provide a detailed overview of pertinent topics including how addiction works, how to identify a substance abuse problem and what families can do to get help.

To learn more about protecting yourself and your family from the grips of addiction, continue reading below and check out some of our free resources.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Access to reliable information is crucial during recovery. This FAQ compiles answers to the questions we hear most often from our clients in the same position as you and your family.

Drug & Alcohol Wiki
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Knowledge is essential when it comes to combatting addiction. Our informative wiki exposes how drug and alcohol use negatively impacts the brain and body.

Mental Health Wiki
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It?s not uncommon for those struggling with addiction to also be dealing with mental health issues. Our mental health wiki offers guidance to clients dealing with a co-occurring mental disorder.

Downloadable Resources
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Explore our ever-growing archive of eBooks, addiction guides, mental health briefs and treatment summaries. We encourage visitors to download as many resources as they need.

Learn About Your State
Learn About Your State

One way to understand how a loved one has been impacted by addiction is by examining the drug and alcohol problems prevalent in their state. Our state-by-state guides makes it easy to review this information.

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Let?s end the stigma of addiction. Our #NoMoreShame initiative is dedicated to helping people get the
treatment they need.

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