Which Credentials Does The Treatment Center Hold?

Operating in southern Florida for nearly a decade, The Treatment Center has received accreditation from The Joint Commission, holding the organization?s Gold Seal of Approval. The Treatment Center has also been recognized by the Florida Department of Children and Families through its Gold Seal Quality Care Program.

Our staff is made up of a diverse group of medical professionals, including fully certified, experienced physicians and psychiatrists. We also partner with many organizations from our local community and accept a wide range of insurance plans.

Recognizing that not every patient experiences addiction in the same way, The Treatment Center takes a multidisciplinary approach to recovery. We incorporate personalized treatment plans that are designed to simultaneously address the patient?s physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

How Does The Treatment Center Help Me Manage My Client?s Legal Challenges?

Individuals who struggle with substance abuse are also likely to be dealing with legal issues stemming from their lifestyle. If you are an attorney, you may be working specifically to help your client manage those issues. That?s why it is critical for you to refer your client to a treatment facility that is equipped to aid you and your client in overcoming his or her legal hurdles.

At The Treatment Center, our goal is to help our patients focus exclusively on their recovery. That?s why we offer court liaison services as a means of simplifying the legal process for our patients (and their referring professionals).

Our court liaison program is designed to ensure that every patient is compliant with relevant court orders and that he or she successfully attends all required appearances. We provide the necessary records and documentation to help your client satisfy court requirements while taking the burden off your team to handle the minutiae of their treatment protocol.

We are experienced both in facilitating communication between multiple attorneys and in communicating directly with law enforcement and case workers. In several cases, members of our staff have even appeared in court in support of our patients. No matter the circumstances, we will guarantee that our patients are able to satisfy their legal obligations without their recovery process being undermined.

What Types of Specialized Treatments Are Available?

One of the major challenges you?ll face when referring clients for treatment is finding a facility that meets their personal recovery needs. At The Treatment Center, we offer a comprehensive set of specialized therapies. This approach allows each of our patients to find a recovery plan that addresses the root causes of their addiction.

Examples of specialized treatments available at The Treatment Center include:

Dual Diagnosis Care ? Substance use disorders are extremely prevalent among individuals who are suffering from a mental health issue. Unfortunately, these co-occurring disorders often interact with one another and make treatment that much more difficult. The expertise of mental health and medical experts, both on staff at The Treatment Center, are required to develop a treatment plan for patients suffering a dual diagnosis. We also have resources available to handle other comorbid medical conditions, including partial hospitalization care.

Chronic Pain Management ? One of the key factors behind the nation?s opioid epidemic is the demand for powerful painkillers to manage long-term pain. Patients who struggle with opioid painkiller addiction are far more likely to relapse unless they develop new strategies for managing their chronic pain. Patients at The Treatment Center can receive guidance on how to manage chronic pain without relying on addictive medication.

Faith-Based Recovery ? The spiritual aspects of addiction can sometimes go overlooked, but many patients are far more responsive to recovery when treatment is explained in the context of their faith. The Treatment Center works with a range of pastors and religious leaders to ensure that our patients feel supported spiritually during recovery. We even offer faith-based group therapy so patients are able to communicate their spiritual experiences in recovery with like-minded peers.

Does The Treatment Center Offer Aftercare Services?

Access to reliable, effective aftercare is extremely important to a patient?s success after treatment. Graduates of The Treatment Center have access to extensive aftercare support, including recreational activities at our facilities and special events for alumni.

Additionally, support groups, 12-step meetings, personal counseling, and relapse prevention workshops are all available weekly to our alumni. These meetings are hosted at Within Recovery Caf? & Bookstore, not far from our primary inpatient facility.

We also encourage our alumni to regularly visit The Treatment Center and speak with current patients about their experiences in recovery. We believe that participating in this established community goes a long way toward helping patients avoid relapse following treatment.