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The Treatment Center is the most caring facility out there.
Keli B.


Plain and simple- the Treatment Center saved my best friends life. -- Jessica G.
I walked into the treatment center at a bad point in my life and they saved me from that path. -- Deangelo H.
The Treatment Center provides you will the tools to live a healthy, happy, sober life. -- Lindsay P.
I have been to other rehabs before but never have I had a more personable experience as I did at TTC. -- Alyssa V.
I wanted something different for my life and The treatment Center did that for me. -- Carmen O.
The Treatment Center truly restored my hope and gave me the second chance I needed in life. -- Jennie D.
Excellent Does Not Describe this Place. 5 Star! TTC signature "Alumni" Program is the Creme de la Creme. -- Glenn S.
I was very impressed with TTC. The facility is amazing, clean, and well staffed. -- Devin B.
I truly believe TTC is doing their best to help all the suffering addicts in addiction find happiness once again. -- Devin B.
The Treatment Center saved my life. I came here over a year and a half ago now and have been sober since. -- Danny D.
Their sign out front reads, "We Restore Hope". That, is an understatement! The Treatment Center restores, not only "Hope", but "Faith"...and "Life". -- Sandy W.
I just got tired of being a drunken idiot thanks TTC for helping me get sober. -- Bill M., West Palm

The Treatment Center has been awarded
the Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval.