Another Way Program

In recent years, budget cuts in Palm Beach County, Florida resulted in the loss of essential services. For example, Drug Farm, a highly successful county program, was shut down due to lack of funds. This left Palm Beach County’s correctional facilities with no effective remedy to the problem of addiction among inmates. Meanwhile, the impact of addiction on our community continued to grow.

In Palm Beach County jails, a high percentage of inmates have some level of involvement in substance abuse. It was apparent that the county desperately needed to fill the hole left by the closing of Drug Farm. Unfortunately, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office (PBSO) had to do this on a very limited budget.

The Treatment Center Partners With Another Way

Under the dynamic leadership of Sheriff Ric Bradshaw and Chief Deputy Mike Gauger, the Another Way program was born. Located at the Belle Glade jail, Another Way is the in-house drug education program for the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

There was a problem, however. Taxpayer funding was lacking, even for the more limited needs of the program.

After a meeting with Chief Deputy Gauger, The Treatment Center offered a solution to the PBSO’s dilemma. A group facilitator, employed by The Treatment Center, agreed to lead the drug education program for the PBSO. We are proud to say our involvement has been instrumental in the development and operation of the program – and at no cost to the taxpayers of Palm Beach County.

Another Way Continues to Save Lives and Tax Dollars

Another Way - The Treatment Center

Another Way has been a tremendous success. Every 60 days, a new group of 65 inmates completes the program. Another Way is often the first contact these men have with the foundational ideas of recovery.

During the Another Way program, inmates are introduced to inspiring examples of other addicts who have overcome alcoholism and drug addiction. The recovery program runs Monday through Friday.

Outside of group therapy, the facilitator spends time with each inmate individually, offering his experience and guidance. The men graduate with a thorough understanding of addiction and hope for a life free from drugs and alcohol.

The Treatment Center is honored to be sharing our hope with both the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office and each graduate of the Another Way program.