Sharing Our Hope With the West Palm Beach Community

At The Treatment Center, we are proud to be an active member of the Palm Beach County community. Our goal is to inspire hope and offer a helping hand to those who are in need, and this commitment doesn?t stop at our front doors. That?s why we partner with and support multiple local non-profit and public organizations through the Sharing Our Hope Initiative.

We believe that recovery is as important to a community as it is to an individual. At The Treatment Center, our staff is dedicated to playing a leadership role in promoting the local healing process. The following Sharing Our Hope partners are already hard at work helping us to build optimism and rebuild lives in Palm Beach County.

#NoMoreShame Movement

Addiction is a medical condition stemming from physiological changes that have occurred in the brain at a chemical level. Raising awareness about the medical perspective on addiction is an important step toward encouraging those with a substance abuse problem to get the help they need.

The Treatment Center is proud to be part of this conversation through our #NoMoreShame initiative. Our goal is to start an awareness movement via social media that provides individuals with a platform to speak openly about their battles with addiction. We have sent #NoMoreShame wristbands to 47 states and countries all over the world. Our goal is to spread the truth about addiction to every corner of the globe.

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Fern House

Fern House endeavors to help low-income men addicted to drugs and alcohol to get the help they need. The faith-based non-profit organization seeks to elevate men struggling with addiction into sober, satisfied individuals. Counseling services at Fern House focus on teaching personal accountability, financial responsibility and strategies for reconciling with friends and family. The Treatment Center partners with Fern House to facilitate major fundraising events each year, including the Bridging the Gap Campaign and the Run for Recovery.

Bridging The Gap

Fern House recently partnered with The Treatment Center on the Bridging the Gap campaign. This initiative helped to develop an intensive transitional living facility in Palm Beach County. As the initiative?s major sponsor, The Treatment Center donated $100,000 in support of the new facility.

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The Run for Recovery

The Run for Recovery is an annual 5k walk/run held to raise funds for The Fern House. The Treatment Center acts as host for the run, ensuring that as many proceeds as possible go toward helping those struggling with addiction.

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Stand Down House

Faith, Hope, Love, and Charity Inc.?s Stand Down House is a transitional living facility that serves the needs of our nation?s male veterans. Depression, PTSD, homelessness and addiction are common among former members of the armed services. Stand Down House provides these at-risk male veterans with a safe, sober community where they can focus on their recovery. The Treatment Center works with Stand Down House to ensure that these veterans have the tools that they need to succeed in civilian life.

Run to Restore Hope

The Treatment Center was proud to support Stand Down House as the main sponsor of the 2012 Run To Restore Hope. This 5k run/walk brought together over 100 runners and walkers to raise funds for Stand Down House and the nation?s struggling veterans. Collected aid was dedicated to providing assistance with mental health services, living costs and family assistance.

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