TTC Care: Our Adult Inpatient Treatment Center

We recognize that it?s critical for clients to feel safe and comfortable while they deal with the stresses and rigors of overcoming substance abuse. That?s why we are dedicated to setting the standard for what a residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation center can offer its clients, including top-notch accommodations.

Family members and friends can also rest easy knowing their loved ones are being properly cared for during the substance abuse recovery process. We invite you to learn more about our residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation center and decide if our inpatient facility is the right fit for you or someone close to you who is struggling with addiction.

Adult Residential Inpatient Facility

Exploring Our Residential Inpatient Facility

At The Treatment Center of the Palm Beaches, our residential inpatient facility is designed to feel like home while facilitating recovery. This Lake Worth, Florida facility encourages community and safety by placing common areas and client rooms within close proximity to our medical staff.

Our drug rehabilitation center is located just a few miles from the stunning Lake Worth Pier. Overall, this idyllic West Palm Beach suburb promotes relaxation and personal examination through its serene and calming atmosphere.

At our expansive inpatient facility, clients are provided with all of their daily meals, space to work on stress-relieving activities, and opportunities to enjoy the fresh air while playing sports, exercising or meditating on our grounds. Each of our facility?s features and amenities were thoughtfully added to enhance the recovery process and help clients focus on their health.

Inpatient Facility Features and Accommodations

Serenity Garden overlooking the Volleyball CourtWhen clients stay at The Treatment Center, they have access to many of the same accommodations?that they enjoy at home. Katie?s Caf?, named after our president, Katie Chernak, serves three fresh, buffet-style meals to our residents daily. Our community room provides a place for clients to take notes on addiction recovery strategies, learn new life skills and participate in faith-based and other group therapies.

Nursing stations and client rooms are located near the center of the facility, ensuring that all clients are well taken care of during their time at The Treatment Center. Outside, a basketball, running track and volleyball court provide a place to for clients to improve their health through regular exercise. Likewise, our Serenity Garden acts as an outdoor setting for prayer and meditation.

Medical and Holistic Treatment Programs

Every patient in our inpatient residential drug rehabilitation center has his or her own unique history and experience with substance abuse. That?s why each of our patients works with our board-certified medical staff to develop a personalized recovery plan. Our residential program offers a long list of specialized therapies that allow patients to customize treatment to meet their mental, physical and spiritual needs.

The following items are just a sample of the forms of treatment available at our residential inpatient facility:

  • One-on-One Counseling
  • Group Therapy
  • Faith-Based and Christian Recovery
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment
  • 12-Step Programs
  • Family Therapy
  • Holistic Therapies

Staying at The Treatment Center

When new clients arrive at The Treatment Center, they begin the intake process by sitting down with one of our patient care specialists. Once a client has undergone an initial assessment and designed a personalized recovery plan with the help of our staff, he or she can begin treatment right away.

Typically, clients first undergo medically guided detox. After clients officially begin their recovery journey, their days are filled with:

  • Counseling
  • Group therapy
  • Exercise
  • Education
  • Nutrition

Clients are provided a list of items to bring from home, including clothing, toiletries and miscellaneous items. Everything else they need will be provided by The Treatment Center during their stay.

Each client stays in comfortable, furnished rooms with one to two other peers. This approach encourages them to form bonds with others who are facing the same struggles. This communication is critical to a successful recovery.

Restore Hope at The Treatment Center

Every staff member in our residential drug and alcohol rehab center is passionate about helping clients overcome their substance abuse and mental health problems. Our mission is to restore hope to those struggling with addiction and to the families that love them. This starts with guaranteeing that our facility offers only the highest standard of substance abuse care to our clients.

Get in touch with our admissions counselors at any time if you or a loved one has additional questions about our residential drug and alcohiol rehabilitation center in Florida.