How Does Drug and Alcohol Detox Work?

The idea of detox may fill you with a sense of dread. This isn?t uncommon. Many people are nervous about drug and alcohol detox, in large part because of bad information.

You may be under the impression that detox is a grueling, miserable experience. When it comes to our holistic approach to medically guided detox, however, it doesn?t have to be.

Trying to go through detox on your own can be extremely painful and even deadly. That?s why you?ll never be alone when you go through drug and alcohol detox at The Treatment Center in southern Florida. We provide the highest standard of care, ensuring that our patients are never on their own when working through the withdrawal process.

During detox, patients will receive personalized care as addictive substances are flushed from their bodies. In some cases, medication will be administered to keep patients comfortable.

Following detox, patients meet with our medical professionals to devise a customized addiction treatment plan. This plan may include one-on-one counseling, group therapy, addiction education and more. After treatment, we provide aftercare resources and services to help patients transition back into a sober lifestyle.

Could I Keep My Job During Addiction Treatment?

You?ve worked hard to land a steady, reliable job. That?s why you may feel conflicted between your desire to get better and your professional responsibilities. Thankfully, you don?t need to throw away your accomplishments and livelihood just because you want help in fighting an addiction.

In fact, you are legally protected to seek addiction treatment without fear of losing your job, thanks to:

  • Americans with Disabilities Act ? The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) specifically protects individuals with disabilities from being discriminated against by their employers. This protection extends to patients who are in the midst of recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. In other words, you are actually less likely to lose your job while you are undergoing addiction treatment.
  • Family and Medical Leave Act ? The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) grants employees who qualify up to 12 work weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave to seek treatment for a medical problem. This protection covers employees seeking treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, ensuring that you are able to get help without worrying about losing your job.

What About My Legal Issues?

Every action has consequences. The reality is that many of the consequences related to drug and alcohol abuse could send a person to jail. Unfortunately, the pressure of navigating a legal battle can be a huge distraction for someone seeking recovery. Even worse, some people become convinced that they are unable to get the treatment they need until after they have sorted out their legal problems. That?s why The Treatment Center provides comprehensive court liaison services for our patients.

With the help of legal representation on staff, we support our clients by managing communication between the patient, their lawyer, and the courts. Furthermore, our addiction treatment plans are designed to keep patients compliant with court orders and probation requirements. We also make sure that any relevant documentation gets filled out and delivered to the right places.

You may not be able to escape the legal consequences of your actions, but our court liaison services will ensure that these issues will not escalate while you are in treatment or prevent you from getting the care you need.

Why Florida?

If you?re not from around here, you might be asking yourself, ?Why would I go to Florida for treatment??

The reality is that undergoing treatment too close to home can be dangerous, as plenty of triggers and opportunities for relapse are still within arm?s reach. The Treatment Center, located near scenic West Palm Beach, is far removed from the temptations of home. The small, friendly community supports a culture of recovery. And the beautiful coastal setting provides a serene, healthy environment that is perfectly conducive to the recovery process. Best of all, we can help you arrange your travel to make getting here easy.

In addition to the vast resources available at our facility, we have also worked hard to build up our surrounding community in order to provide supportive aftercare opportunities. We have regular activities and meetings at Within Books Recovery Caf? as well as other events in the area. Between the strong, supportive recovery community and the beautiful locale, many of our clients decide to stay in Florida permanently after they complete their treatment. To learn upcoming events, check out our Event Calendar here.

How Can I Afford Addiction Treatment?

One of the biggest dilemmas many people face before entering a rehab program is figuring out how to pay for treatment. Thankfully, you won?t have to figure out the answer to this question alone. Our admissions counselors are ready to help determine your treatment needs and calculate the cost of your potential stay. Following this assessment, counselors will work with you to determine if, and how much, your insurance provider will cover your treatment.

As an accredited drug detox and rehab center in Florida, The Treatment Center works with several major insurers that offer coverage for rehabilitation at our facility. Insurers like Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana and United Healthcare all offer plans that cover services at The Treatment Center.

In cases where insurance does not cover treatment (or only a portion of the cost), we will work with you to develop a flexible, affordable payment plan.