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Many Georgia residents love their state; from the world’s largest aquarium to the infamous Georgia peach, it’s easy to see why. 

Aside from the wonders of Georgia, the state is also faced with a number of public health concerns. Many of these revolve around the thousands of residents who are struggling with heroin, meth, and alcohol abuse.

If you or a loved one needs help getting over an addiction, don’t hesitate to call The Treatment Center. Dial (404) 585-3638 today to reach one of our admissions counselors. We are available to speak to you anytime, day or night.

Effective Drug and Alcohol Treatment

A successful recovery from substance-related addictions requires thorough and effective treatment. At The Treatment Center, we offer comprehensive treatment plans that help Georgia residents quit and stay off of drugs and alcohol.  

Every treatment plan is personally tailored and can be adjusted as each patient’s needs change. These plans are made up of the following programs and services:  

• Medically supervised detox

• Individual therapy

• Group sessions

• Treatment for co-occurring disorders

• Christian-based program

• 12-step programs

• Court Liaison Program

• Family workshops

• Chronic pain management

• Holistic services (e.g. massage therapy, yoga and chiropractic care)

• Basic life skills training

• Relapse prevention

• Aftercare services

Would you like to know more about the services and programs we offer? Call us today at (404) 585-3638, and one of our admissions counselors will answer any questions you may have. We are available 24/7 to take your call or chat with you online.

What We Treat

At The Treatment Center, we specialize in treatment for the following: 

• Substance abuse

• Drug and alcohol addiction

• Dual diagnosis 

Georgia teens who are struggling with substance abuse, addiction or dual diagnosis can also find refuge at our separate facility for 14- to 17-year-olds. 

Are you or a loved one looking for relief from substance abuse? The sooner you reach out to us today via phone or chat, the sooner you can be on your way to recovery. 

Drug Abuse in Georgia

At The Treatment Center, we want to help residents who feel trapped in the recurring cycle of addiction. We can help Georgians heal from a number of harmful substances, including the following commonly abused drugs in Georgia:

Prescription Drugs

Oxycodone (OxyContin) was the most reported prescription opiate in the Atlanta area at the beginning of 2013, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). However, Georgia residents hope to see a decrease in the rates of prescription drug abuse now that the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) is available to physicians and pharmacies. 

The Georgia PDMP allows authorities to keep track of how patients are filling their prescriptions. This has helped many states deter addicts or illegal drug distributors from “doctor shopping” or filling multiple prescriptions from different doctors. 


Due to its low price and high potency, many addicts are switching from prescription opiates to heroin. For this reason, Georgia metro areas have seen a drastic rise in both heroin abuse and heroin overdose deaths. 

According to NIDA, Georgians who sought treatment for heroin addiction in 2013 were younger than in the past. 

Ice (methamphetamine)

NIDA reported that community-based Georgia drug and alcohol rehabs have witnessed a steady increase in methamphetamine admissions since 2010. The rate of meth abuse was at its highest level in 2013 since a peak in 2006.

In early July of 2014, Harris County police officers seized the largest amount of ice their county has ever seen. The police officers trailed the traffickers from Georgia to Panama City Beach, FL, where they seized eighteen pounds of Mexican-made meth.


Cocaine has been an issue in the past for Georgia, but luckily the rates of abuse for this drug have been on the decline since 2010. Still, coke is available to many and is often abused among young adults.


Like many other states in the U.S., Georgia’s number one abused substance is alcohol. According to NIDA, alcohol abused either alone or with other drugs was the primary cause for over half of Georgia’s treatment admissions in 2013.


Marijuana is the most frequently abused illicit drug among Georgia residents. In Atlanta, marijuana abuse made up about 20 percent of the drug admissions in 2011.

In addition to the substances listed above, The Treatment Center can help Georgians detox and recover from club drugs, synthetic drugs and inhalants.

A New Beginning Starts Today

Whether Georgia residents have been abusing drugs and alcohol for a short period of time or for decades, The Treatment Center can help.

Do you want to escape the clutches of addiction and live the life you imagined? If you answered “yes”, then today could be the beginning of something new.

Call us now at (404) 585-3638 to start planning your recovery. 


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