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Thirty years ago, Jimmy was a successful CEO that was living the American dream. He had a flourishing career and a beautiful family. However, his life began to crumble when he could no longer control his drinking. Realizing that he was on the verge of losing his family, he decided to seek help.

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When Keli was growing up, she was the type of child that never gave her parents trouble. Like many teenagers, Keli experimented with drugs in high school. However, once Keli entered college, she began hanging out with a different crowd and her casual drug use evolved into a serious problem. The girl that never used to get in trouble was suddenly lying, cheating and stealing. Keli’s addiction left her feeling lonely and suicidal.

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Once Alyssa started using drugs at the age of 17, her life began to quickly spiral out of control. She had become a shadow of her former self; her parents no longer recognized their baby girl. Alyssa’s life was filled with nothing but pain and misery. She had been in and out of rehab and nothing seemed to work for her. Her heroin addiction left her broken, battered and homeless.

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For 30 years, Ernest struggled with the disease of addiction. While sinking into the depths of addiction, he spent over a decade in prison, and was in and out of treatment centers and halfway houses. After a long battle with his addiction, he reached a point of hopelessness and despair.

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Mark started experimenting with weed and alcohol at young age. However, it was Mark’s drug of choice––heroin––that would cause his life to unravel. His love for the drug led to him dropping out of high school, fighting with his family and giving up his hobbies. Mark’s world revolved around his drug use and what he had to do to obtain them. Several unsuccessful trips to detox centers and rehab left him in despair. Eventually, Mark heard about The Treatment Center.

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Drugs and alcohol became a part of Steve’s life at young age. Over time, his substance abuse developed in to an addiction. Although his addiction resulted in negative consequences including multiple arrests and DUIs, he still continued to drink and use drugs.

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