Faith-Based Christian Rehabilitation Can Rekindle the Higher Power in You

Spirituality is a key component to successful treatment and long-term recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, and it’s an integral part of 12-step programs, for good reason. Research has shown time and time that believing in a higher power as a universal spirit increases positive outcomes towards sobriety.

Why Faith-Based Programs Can Increase Recovery Success

Christian addiction recovery programs are on the rise. Why? Faith allows patients to put their lives in perspective as part of something much greater than themselves to reimagine their hope, belief, vision, and reality.

Faith- your faith and how you believe- is your own. You can explore your faith and enhance it freely, safely and stronger than ever before.

There are often ongoing associations of guilt, blame and shame throughout the recovery process that can place non-productive levels of stress on the patient. Although it is part of the process to allow for ownership of and accountability for one’s behavior during addiction, letting go is more empowering and further supports the emotional building blocks needed to stay on the path to sobriety.

Faith-based programs cater to patients of all spiritual beliefs. These programs help foster:

  • Reemergence of Hope
  • Belief in Oneself
  • Trust in Oneself
  • Reconnection with Others
  • Rediscovered Inner Truth
  • Reestablished Life Purpose

Spirituality is often used in the addiction recovery process to develop empathy and compassion for oneself and others. Twelve-step programs focus on accepting and acknowledging a higher power. Although the original teachings of the 12-step programs are founded in Christian thought, the philosophy is beneficial and widely practiced among people of all faiths.

Many treatment centers apply the 12-step process into its options for recovery, but these meetings can be adjusted to fit every faith.

Spiritual Tools for Sobriety

By reestablishing your relationship with a higher power, you can embark on a journey toward long-term sobriety, restoration, and transformation.

Other forms of spiritual healing available to fortify your recovery, include meditation, yoga, tai chi, and creative movement.

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