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Accredited Drug Rehab Center

Do you feel trapped by your drug use? Do you desperately want to quit, but feel unable to on your own? You're not alone. Oftentimes, quitting drugs without professional guidance is excruciating and unsuccessful. Seeking treatment at an accredited rehab center can give you an edge for combatting addiction.

The Treatment Center is a licensed drug rehab that offers both inpatient and outpatient services. Our comprehensive treatment plans address the whole person—mind, body and spirit—preparing individuals to get their lives back. Our dedicated treatment team understands what you are going through and is focused on helping you overcome your drug addiction for good.

We specialize in treating individuals who abuse or are addicted to the following substances:

If you are addicted to any of the drugs above or other substances, you've come to the right place. Together, our treatment team has decades of experience effectively treating those battling with the disease of addiction. Due to our high level of care, The Treatment Center has been awarded the Gold Seal of Approval from the Joint Commission.

Learn how our evidence-based substance abuse treatment programs can provide you with the skills you need to get your life back on track. Call today at (877) 392-3342. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

The Dangers of Ongoing Drug Abuse

Coming off of drugs is no simple task. We understand there may be times when the thought of quitting drugs is actually more terrifying than continuing to abuse them. However, long-term drug dependence is far more harmful to your mind and body than ending your substance abuse.

The negative repercussions of drug abuse extend much further than the loss of friendships, family relationships and even your job. The side effects of long-term drug abuse vary from substance to substance and may include:

  • Severe depression and/or anxiety
  • Cirrhosis
  • Endocarditis (a bacterial infection of the heart's inner lining)
  • Hepatitis C or HIV
  • Collapsed veins
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Cancer of the colon, liver or mouth
  • Brain damage
  • Seizures
  • Stroke
  • Overdose and/or death

We are here to help you end your drug addiction for good in a safe and comfortable environment. You have the chance to avoid these long-term side effects if you start recovering today. There is no need to wait to contact our drug rehab. We can be reached 24 hours a day at (877) 392-3342.

Drug Abuse Statistics

Drug Abuse Statistics


If you're struggling with drug abuse or addiction, you aren't alone. About 9.4 percent of the population, or around 24.6 million Americans, reported using an illicit drug in the past month during a 2013 survey. Marijuana is still the most commonly used drug, but the abuse of prescription drugs has risen quickly in recent years. Many people aren't even aware that you can become addicted to something prescribed by a doctor, but some prescription drugs are among the most dangerously addictive substances in the world. Common prescription drugs that people abuse or become addicted to include painkillers, sleep aids, stimulant drugs used to treat ADHD and anxiety medications.

People of all ages can be affected by drug use. Young people have especially high rates of abuse and addiction, with about 22.6 percent of 18- to 20-year-olds reporting illicit drug use, but drug use has also increased significantly in people over fifty during the last decade.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, about 23.5 million Americans need treatment for drug or alcohol addiction and abuse, but only about 11 percent of people who need treatment actually get help. Fortunately for those who do pursue substance abuse treatment, success is possible. Most people who seek treatment accomplish their goals and go on to carry out a happy, healthy drug-free life. The earlier you seek out and get drug addiction treatment, the more likely you'll be to achieve a full recovery.

Evidence-based Drug Addiction Treatment Programs

Our medical team is comprised of board-certified doctors, licensed therapists, registered nurses and more. Throughout your stay at our drug treatment center, one of our addiction specialists will always be available to assist you with your recovery.

We recognize that each person comes to us with unique backgrounds, circumstances and needs, which is why a one-size-fits-all approach is ineffective. Upon admitting you to The Treatment Center, we will evaluate your medical history, mental health status and lifestyle in order to create a personalized treatment plan that matches your individual needs and recovery goals.

Some of the evidence-based services, therapies and programs we offer at our drug rehab include:

  • Medically-supervised detox: If your body has become dependent on any substances, you will need a medically-supervised detox. The purpose of detoxification is to safely remove the drugs and/or alcohol from your system. Our medical professionals will ensure you are safe and comfortable during this process.
  • One-on-one and group therapy: Once you arrive at our facility, you will be assigned a primary therapist who will conduct all of your individual sessions. Meeting with a therapist regularly will help you learn more about yourself, such as what led to your drug use and how you can prevent relapse. Sharing in group meetings can help you relate to others and fight off feelings of loneliness and isolation that often accompany addiction.
  • 12-step recovery programs: Through groups, literature and individual sessions, we offer an introduction to the 12 steps. You may find that this treatment approach is the most effective for your individual needs, and if so, you will be prepared to begin working the steps and seeking a sponsor once you leave treatment.
  • Faith-based programs: The Treatment Center can accommodate you with our optional faith-based programs. Some features of our faith-based treatment programs include religious counseling, prayer, meditation and bible study groups.
  • Relapse prevention: A vital part of effective drug abuse treatment is teaching the skills needed to avoid relapse in the future. Through individual therapy and group therapy sessions, you will be taught new coping mechanisms and life skills that will help you prevent relapse.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment: Dual diagnosis (i.e. co-occurring disorders) is a condition that is best described as a mental illness with accompanying substance abuse or addiction. If you abuse drugs to escape the symptoms of depression or anxiety, you may have co-occurring disorders. Our staff specializes in dual diagnosis treatment and will be able to treat your mental health condition and drug addiction simultaneously.
  • Chronic pain management: It is not uncommon for those with chronic pain to become addicted to prescription opiates (painkillers), which can eventually lead to a heroin addiction. Using holistic therapies, such as massage and laser therapy, we can ease your chronic pain without the use of addictive substances.
  • Court liaison services: Your legal problems do not have to stand in the way of receiving the help you deserve. Our Court Liaison Program, which is overseen by our supervising attorney, will allow you to fulfill your legal obligations while simultaneously receiving drug treatment. We can assist you with obligations such as mandatory drug testing, documentation, and transportation to and from court appearances during treatment.
  • Family therapy: Drug abuse and addiction can drive a wedge between you and your family. To help bring the family back together, The Treatment Center offers family therapy and family workshops. During these sessions, you will have the opportunity to discuss the recovery process and the disease of addiction, and begin rebuilding your relationships with your loved ones.

You will also have access to 24/7 medical care, sober recreational activities and aftercare services as a part of your personalized treatment plan.

Treatment doesn't end at our door, either. While you're participating in our treatment program, you'll learn how to manage life in the real world without drugs or alcohol. Addiction recovery is a lifelong process, and you'll gain tools and tricks at The Treatment Center that help you maintain your focus on a drug-free lifestyle for years to come.

How Do I Know If I Need Drug Treatment?

It can be difficult to tell if you or a loved one needs treatment for drug addiction, especially if others around you are using. This can make it seem like drug use is normal and reinforce bad habits. In fact, surrounding yourself only with people who abuse drugs and excluding people who don't could indicate that you have an addiction.

Additional signs you are in need of drug treatment include:

  • Continued use despite negative emotional, physical, financial or social consequences.
  • Tolerance – The need to consume more of a drug each time in order to feel the desired effects.
  • Avoidance – Hiding drug use from loved ones and coworkers.
  • Decline in personal hygiene.
  • Denial – Becoming defensive when asked about drug use.
  • Rapid or uncharacteristic mood swings.
  • Changes in sleep patterns – Either a drastic increase or decrease in time spent sleeping.
  • Cravings – Obsessive thoughts about acquiring and using the drug/drugs of choice.
  • Legal issues – Facing legal consequences due to drug use or turning to illegal behavior, such as stealing, in order to accommodate drugs.
  • Decline in emotional and physical health.

If you or someone you know exhibits any of these signs of drug addiction, it's time to seek treatment at an inpatient drug rehab. Not only could you or your loved one continue down this path of destruction, but the reality of drug abuse is that by the time you decide to reach out for help, it could be too late. Learn more about our simple admission process

Why Getting Help at an Accredited Drug Treatment Center is Essential

Breaking free of drug use can be challenging, and doing it alone makes the process especially difficult. Peer groups, social obligations and the struggle of getting through withdrawal without assistance all work against you when you're trying to stop using drugs on your own. Substance abuse treatment works better when you don't have so many distractions trying to sap away all of your mental energy.

Here at The Treatment Center, we have an entire staff of doctors, nurses, therapists and other professionals focused on getting you sober and helping you develop the necessary mental and emotional foundations. While you're here, your only focus will be your recovery.

Choosing to Make a Change

Whether you feel like you've hit rock bottom due to drug abuse or have just started to worry that your drug use isn't really under your conscious control, there is no better time than now to make a change.

Take the first step toward addiction recovery by reaching out to The Treatment Center today at (877) 392-3342. We are available to answer your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

The Treatment Center has been awarded
the Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval.