The Truth About Heroin Video Series with Dr. Adam Bianchini

The Heroin Epidemic

Research into the rise of heroin use in the United States, as well as around the world, has produced startling results. The 2016 World Drug Report, published by the United Nations, noted that heroin’s rise in the United States is particularly disturbing. For example, the number of heroin users in the U.S. almost tripled over the last decade.

This mean that from 2003 to 2014, the number of heroin users steadily rose to nearly 1 million Americans. Unsurprisingly, the number of overdose deaths attributed to heroin abuse has quintupled since 2000.

One reason that heroin-related fatalities continue to rise is because there is so little reliable information available to the general public. At The Treatment Center, we’ve seen the devastating effects of heroin addiction firsthand.

We’ve asked Dr. Adam Bianchini, our Director of Medicine, for his help in dispelling the many misconceptions concerning this deadly drug. In “The Truth About Heroin” video series, Dr. Bianchini will clear up the rumors and answer common questions about heroin.

All You Need to Know About Heroin

All You Need to Know About Heroin and Opioid AddictionDr. Adam Bianchini joined The Treatment Center as the Director of Medicine in 2009. Prior to working coming to The Treatment Center, Dr. Bianchini ran a successful medical consulting firm for nearly two decades. We are excited for the opportunity to share his expertise with anyone who has questions about heroin addiction, overdose and treatment.

Topics covered in the seven-part “The Truth About Heroin” video series include:

  • Parts of the brain heroin affects
  • Best way to treat heroin addiction
  • How heroin has changed over the years
  • Causes behind the epidemic
  • Why heroin users shy away from seeking help
  • What heroin withdrawal is like
  • How heroin changes the user’s mood

The Truth About Heroin Treatment

One of the most important questions about heroin is, “How does a person stop using?”

At The Treatment Center, located in the West Palm Beach area of Florida, we’ve helped hundreds of individuals struggling with substance abuse start new lives in sobriety. Our experienced team of medical and psychiatric professionals are dedicated to helping patients address the root causes of their addictions.

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