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Desperation in recovery

Prior to walking on the road to recovery, Heather’s life was in shambles. She was homeless and broken mentally, physically and spiritually, which left her angry and hopeless. Although she knew she needed to get help, she refused to do any kind of intensive outpatient treatment program. However, The Treatment Center Outpatient Services soon became her gift of desperation in recovery.

With one phone call, she was able to get herself into treatment and it helped push her through those first few crucial months of early recovery. Realizing she had a caring and supportive team behind her, Heather was able to open up more about her addiction.

She was able to meet with a primary therapist to discuss her underlying core issues and express her emotions clearly. By engaging in multiple group activities, Heather was able to learn how to better communicate with other people, gain life skills and have fun while sober.

Prior to admission, Heather was alone and hopeless, watch the video below to find out how she’s been able to thrive on the road to recovery since receiving care at The Treatment Center Outpatient Services.

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