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Resolve to Follow Through: Sober Resolutions for 2018

Resolve to follow through

The New Year is seen as a new beginning. Many people with the “new year, new you” mentality consider it to be a fresh start. After all, the New Year and the resolutions we make when the clock strikes midnight are a promise to ourselves for a brighter, happier future. This is especially true for […]

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Delray Beach Makes the Top 10 List for Sober Living

Delray Beach Makes Top 10 List for Sober Living

In 2012, media outlets around the country reported on Delray Beach sober living communities. The community made The Fix’s top 10 list for the best sober living cities across the United States. Cities on the list also included Boston and Houston, but we couldn’t be more proud of our own community’s reputation as a top […]

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Supporting Sobriety Through the Holidays

The holiday season is filled with warmth and happiness. Many spend the last few months of the year eagerly awaiting these special dates in a state of joy, and families gather together to dine and celebrate. For others, however, the holidays season brings an array of negative emotions and can be hard to get through. […]

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HALT: Useful Acronym for Addiction Recovery

HALT Useful Acronym for Addiction Recovery

If you’ve recently completed a treatment program at The Treatment Center or committed to a lifetime of sobriety, congratulations! You’ve made the first important step in living a long and fulfilling life without substances. Now a healthier life awaits you, but despite overcoming an addiction, you’ll always have to confront life a little differently than […]

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From Doubting Recovery to 2 Years

Angela found herself experimenting and abusing drugs in her early teens. She was involved in a horrible motorcycle accident that left her seriously injured. It wasn’t long before she began abusing opiates, which soon progressed into heroin and crack cocaine. Although she knew she had a problem, she couldn’t bring herself to quit and felt […]

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Hope Diaries: From Immobility to Walking Tall Again

From Immobility to Walking Tall Again After having surgery on his back, Gerry had a long road to recovery. His nerves and tissue were removed from his vertebrae, which lead to restricted movement and loss of feeling in his nerves. Gerry could barely move his extremities as his mobility had plummeted to near zero. After […]

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Hope Diaries: From Recklessness to Freedom | Addiction Recovery

Addiction Recovery Jordan was drawn to drugs when she was just 13. Seeking fun and excitement with her friends, her life was in a constant state of chaos and quickly got out of control. After a while, her partying became excuses and empty promises that she would do better, but nothing changed until one fateful […]

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Hope Diaries: Recovering from Heroin Addiction

Recovering from Heroin Addiction Lindsay’s strong addiction to opiates left her feeling lost and alone. One day, her addiction took a pivotal turn when the people that she bought drugs from ran out of pills. However, they had a solution for Lindsay –“an all-natural substitute”– one that allegedly had milder withdrawal symptoms than other opiates. […]

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Hope Diaries: The Defeat of Darkness

In this Hope Diaries video Nate talks about his how addiction took him to his darkest moments: For a long while, Nate was use to his old way of life and only wanted to focus on the things that he lost from addiction, such as material things and his family’s respect. He recalls the moment […]

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