Hope Diaries: The Disease of Addiction Isn’t Easy to Come Back From

For Ernest, former patient and current Lead Tech of The Treatment Center, the path to recovery was an arduous journey.

“There was a point in my life where I felt more comfortable in prison than I did on the streets,” said Ernest. “I could not deal with the pain and the misery that the disease of addiction would put me through.”

After 30 years of struggling with addiction, Ernest was without a success story. Instead, he spent his life in and out of prison, halfway homes and drug rehab facilities.

In his darkest hour, Ernest was determined to finally end his battle with addiction and sought out a safe haven for his recovery. His search brought him to The Treatment Center in Florida, where he was successful in ending his battle with substance abuse and has been clean since 2011.

“Coming to treatment is an opportunity for your mind to clear up,” said Ernest, recalling how The Treatment Center helped him to find victory in his battle with substance abuse. “The disease of addiction is the only disease that will tell you that you do not have a disease.”

Ernest’s Journey to Becoming a Lead Tech

Since putting addiction behind him, Ernest now works at The Treatment Center, serving as a lead tech. He said he is proud to work with patients in the midst of their own recovery battles. By sharing his experience as a drug rehab alumni and providing support to those still struggling with addiction, Ernest is able to help The Treatment Center team restore hope in patients’ lives.

Learn more about Ernest’s compelling journey by watching this Hope Diary:

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