Hope Diaries: Sober 31 Years After Life Came Crashing Down

It’s only a matter of time before addiction brings a person’s life crashing to the ground. Jimmy, former alcoholic and now an employee at The Treatment Center, knows this reality first hand.

“My daughters ran away from home. Then my wife ran away from home. I got a message,” said Jimmy, describing the moments led him to seek help. “Something was going wrong at home. It was me.”

Despite being the successful CEO of a growing hospital, Jimmy struggled with alcoholism to the point where relationships with his family began to deteriorate. This rift caused Jimmy to voice concerns over his lifestyle to colleagues, who in turn recommended to him that he seek treatment for addiction.

“If people do get addicted, they need to get into treatment as soon as possible,” said Jimmy, recommending The Treatment Center to those starting down the road to recovery. “It plants enough seeds along the way that you’re never really without the experience of sobriety. It stays with you.”

Jimmy’s Journey to Joining The Treatment Center Team

After starting recovery in 1983, Jimmy has since reconciled with his family and now lives happily with his wife of over 30 years. As a member of The Treatment Center’s expert staff, he shares his drug rehab success stories with patients and encourages them to find peace in sobriety.

Hear more about Jimmy’s journey in this Hope Diary:

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