Hope Diaries: From Recklessness to Freedom | Addiction Recovery

Addiction Recovery

Jordan was drawn to drugs when she was just 13. Seeking fun and excitement with her friends, her life was in a constant state of chaos and quickly got out of control. After a while, her partying became excuses and empty promises that she would do better, but nothing changed until one fateful day.

Feeling depressed and helpless, Jordan’s sister recommended she attend rehab.  Her life began to change the moment she picked up the phone, called The Treatment Center, and spoke to an admissions counselor. She soon realized she wasn’t alone in her struggles and decided to take the leap of faith and seek treatment and begin addiction recovery.

She thought her legal issues would be a major setback to receiving treatment, but her hope was restored when she was able to speak to a helpful Court Liaison, receive legal help and still continue her treatment plan.

To hear how Jordan gained control of her life and freed herself from the chains of drug and alcohol addiction, watch her video below:

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