Hope Diaries: From Immobility to Walking Tall Again

From Immobility to Walking Tall Again

After having surgery on his back, Gerry had a long road to recovery. His nerves and tissue were removed from his vertebrae, which lead to restricted movement and loss of feeling in his nerves. Gerry could barely move his extremities as his mobility had plummeted to near zero.

After being in a wheelchair, he tried to transition to a walker but could not get very far. After hearing about the holistic services offered at Restore, it was recommended that he try an alternative treatment method. After a few treatments, he was able to see a huge difference and was able to walk further and further after each session.

Gerry was soon able to gain 80 to 90 percent of the feeling in his extremities and walk again. To hear how Gerry transformed from near paralysis to walking tall again, watch the video below:

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