Hope Diaries: Finding Hope in Rehab

At The Treatment Center, our first priority is to help hopeless patients understand that their future is full of potential. One of the most effective ways to inspire hope in our visitors is to introduce them to former patients. Hearing the stories of our drug rehab alumni can go a long way toward convincing current patients to commit themselves to recovery.

Alumni counselor Keli regularly shares her story with patients, revealing how The Treatment Center helped to lift her up from the depths of her darkest days. In high school, Keli began experimenting with illegal drugs. It wasn’t until college that her casual drug use escalated into addiction.

“I hated myself. I was lonely. I thought about death and attempted a couple of times, but never succeeded,” said Keli, recalling her life prior to recovery. “I felt like my life was going to be a chase for drugs every day. Lying. Cheating. Stealing.”

Keli Is Pushed to Make a Change

After being confronted by her sister, Keli committed to changing her lifestyle. Tired of feeling lonely, defeated and suicidal, Keli began her recovery journey at The Treatment Center in Florida.

“When I stepped through the doors of The Treatment Center, I felt a sense of relief, knowing that the fight to get high was over,” said Keli.

Keli’s Journey to Becoming an Alumni Counselor

Today, Keli describes her life as “phenomenal.” In sobriety, she has silenced her suicidal thoughts while repairing her relationships with friends and family. Keli has come full circle in her recovery and now serves as an alumni counselor at The Treatment Center, which is dedicated to helping every patient escape addiction and start a true transformation.

Learn more about Keli’s journey to recovery by watching this Hope Diary:

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