Hope Diaries: Experimenting with Drugs Leads to Loss of Control

Many longtime addicts begin their unhealthy habits at an early age. Mark, The Treatment Center’s very first patient, is a perfect example of how drug and alcohol addiction can nearly destroy a young life.

After experimenting with marijuana and alcohol in high school, Mark’s unhealthy behaviors escalated into a prescription pill habit. It wasn’t long before Mark began to prioritize his drug habit over friends, family and responsibilities.

“I stopped caring about school. I stopped caring about afterschool activities and sports,” Mark said. “I was fighting with my parents a lot.”

Before graduating high school, Mark discovered heroin. Shortly after experimenting with the drug, Mark’s heroin habit evolved into full-blown addiction.

“I dropped out of high school and quit sports,” said Mark, recalling his darkest days. “I didn’t care about anything anymore.”

Searching for the Right Treatment

Following several unsuccessful visits to detox centers and drug rehab facilities, Mark felt helpless and hopeless. His journey to end his substance abuse eventually led him to The Treatment Center, which at the time had just recently opened its doors.

“It was pretty interesting being the first patient. I got a lot of special attention and one-on-one time,” said Mark, reflecting on his time at The Treatment Center. “As the days went on, and more and more people started to come, I realized they were each getting the same amount of attention and treatment as I did.”

Mark’s Journey to Becoming a Rehab Alumni Counselor

Mark never suspected that his first trip to The Treatment Center would start a new chapter in his life story. Today, Mark assists individuals in overcoming their own addictions as a drug rehab alumni counselor. Using his experience with drug abuse as a way to relate to patients, Mark plays an important role in The Treatment Center’s community of recovery as a resource for patients and a reminder that change is possible.

Before he found The Treatment Center, Mark said he never imagined that long-term recovery was a possibility. To learn more about his journey in recovery, watch his Hope Diary:

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