The Hope Diaries: Finding Glory in Gratitude | The Treatment Center

Alex was on the right track and got himself into treatment, but once there, his doubts and fears kicked in and he began to miss his family and friends. Confused and ready to be around his loved ones, Alex grew tired of treatment so he packed up his bags and walked out.

He made one phone call to a friend that would send him back on the same dark path he did not want to be on. Alex relapsed soon after leaving treatment and ended up living on his friend’s couch. Selling off all his belongings, he eventually moved in a run down apartment with no electricity.

After dropping to 145 pounds, Alex no longer cared about anything but his next fix. Over time, witnessing countless family, friends, and loved ones lose their life to drug overdoses, Alex realized he couldn’t continue living his life that way.

To hear how Alex made a U-turn from drug addiction and helplessness back to the journey of long-term recovery, watch the video below:

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