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Treating Pain Without Opiates

Friday, August 26th, 2016

Treating Pain Without Opiates

After having surgery, Ted found himself in a great deal of pain and was prescribed Opiates to help manage his discomfort. Although the painkillers helped at first, they soon became a problem. It became clear Ted wasn’t going to be able to stop using the opiates on his own, so his wife and children found The Treatment Center online and called for help.

While under our care, Ted benefitted greatly from the pain management program, which provides evidence-based treatment for pain sufferers by offering a variety of holistic therapies. These holistic methods helped Ted manage his pain with treatments like massages, acupuncture, laser therapy, hot rocks and chiropractic services. Holistic therapies are also designed to reduce cravings, help with anxiety, promote relaxation and encourage general wellness.

In this video, Ted shares how his life has been renewed and his gratitude towards The Treatment Center. Watch his Hope Diaries video to hear his full story:

“With therapy, the chiropractor, and the massages, it’s the way to go to stay away from the opioids. Because those pills, they help you at first, but in the long run, all they’re doing is hurting you.

Hello, my name’s Ted, and before The Treatment Center, I was in really bad pain.

When it all started, I had surgery and it just progressed from there. They kept feeding me pain pills and I didn’t understand the pain pills at the time. It just got to the point, over a six-year period, I woke up one morning and man, I was out. I just couldn’t handle the withdrawal that I was going through.

So my wife called my kids over and they did an intervention, got online, and found The Treatment Center. They got me here and since I’ve been here, I have learned a lot about opiates: what they

really do, what it does to the brain, and what the brain does to compensate for the pain pill.

I’m a firm believer in that because of the treatment that The Treatment Center has found for me, which is in the holistic part of it. I go through acupuncture, hot rocks, laser therapy and the chiropractor.

Then the massages that they give here, I get up off the table I feel like I’m floating.

They’ve done a number on me to where I don’t feel as if I need another surgery. I don’t feel as if I need the rods and screws and all that stuff put in my back. It’s really been a Godsend and I’d like to thank them for that. They’ve done a lot for me and I hope they can do more for more people that’s coming through.

If you really want to get off your addiction, get away from it and get your life back, I highly recommend you call The Treatment Center. For what it’s done for me, I know it can do for you.”

From Doubting Recovery to 2 Years Clean and Sober

Monday, March 7th, 2016

Doubting Recovery | Clean and Sober | Addiction


Angela found herself experimenting and abusing drugs in her early teens. She was involved in a horrible motorcycle accident that left her seriously injured. It wasn’t long before she began abusing opiates, which soon progressed into heroin and crack cocaine. Although she knew she had a problem, she couldn’t bring herself to quit and felt the drugs were more important to her than her family and friends.

One day she saw herself in the mirror and she had dropped to a mere 90 pounds. All she cared about was chasing the next high, not about her loved ones. It was then that she realized that she couldn’t continue living that way.

Before attending The Treatment Outpatient Services, Angela was lost and hopeless and felt she would need someone to push her to get addiction treatment. When Angela first started her journey in recovery, she didn’t think she’d be able to do it. She felt she needed encouragement and someone there to push her to complete her treatment.

Angela went from doubting recovery to 2 years clean and sober. The Treatment Center Outpatient Services gave her the foundation, understanding, and freedom from addiction that she hoped for. Find out how she’s doing today in the video below:


The Gift of Desperation in Recovery | The Treatment Center

Tuesday, February 16th, 2016

Desperation in recovery

Prior to walking on the road to recovery, Heather’s life was in shambles. She was homeless and broken mentally, physically and spiritually, which left her angry and hopeless. Although she knew she needed to get help, she refused to do any kind of intensive outpatient treatment program. However, The Treatment Center Outpatient Services soon became her gift of desperation in recovery.

With one phone call, she was able to get herself into treatment and it helped push her through those first few crucial months of early recovery. Realizing she had a caring and supportive team behind her, Heather was able to open up more about her addiction.

She was able to meet with a primary therapist to discuss her underlying core issues and express her emotions clearly. By engaging in multiple group activities, Heather was able to learn how to better communicate with other people, gain life skills and have fun while sober.

Prior to admission, Heather was alone and hopeless, watch the video below to find out how she’s been able to thrive on the road to recovery since receiving care at The Treatment Center Outpatient Services.

Hope Diaries: Recovering from Heroin Addiction

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

Recovering From Heroin Addiction

Recovering from Heroin Addiction

Lindsay’s strong addiction to opiates left her feeling lost and alone. One day, her addiction took a pivotal turn when the people that she bought drugs from ran out of pills. However, they had a solution for Lindsay –“an all-natural substitute”– one that allegedly had milder withdrawal symptoms than other opiates. The so-called “all-natural substitute” turned out to be heroin.

With heroin, Lindsay’s addiction quickly escalated. Soon she was flunking out of college and thinking that she had nothing left to lose. Then one fateful night while she struggled with withdrawal symptoms Lindsay went online and began chatting with an admissions counselor from The Treatment Center. Little did she know that chat would change the course of her life.

To find out how that chat catapulted her recovery, watch Lindsay’s Hope Diary below.

Hope Diaries 12: The Defeat of Darkness

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014

In this Hope Diaries video Nate talks about his how addiction took him to his darkest moments:

For a long while, Nate was use to his old way of life and only wanted to focus on the things that he lost from addiction, such as material things and his family’s respect. He recalls the moment when his life was at its darkest point. During his addiction, living was actually more terrifying to Nate than death itself.

After spiraling out of control and living without any real direction, Nate found himself going from place to place with nowhere to call home. However, with one fateful call from his loved one, Nate found The Treatment Center, an accredited rehab center. After living so long with no love, no relationships, and no family, he was able to find a way out of despair.

At The Treatment Center, Nate found a second chance and a reason to live again with renewed purpose and restored hope. To find out how he rose from darkness, watch Nate’s triumphant story below:

Hope Diaries 12: Reaching Out in Active Addiction – A Testimonial

Monday, July 7th, 2014

In this “Hope Diaries” testimonial, Tracie discusses her battle with addiction. For many, reaching out in active addiction is extremely difficult. Tracie explains, “One of the hardest things for alcoholics and addicts is they believe they’re a burden when they ask for help. It’s not a burden for those who help you, it’s a joy.” After being in and out of rehabs, halfway houses and mental institutions, Tracie is now able to help others overcome the hopelessness felt during active addiction.

Watch Tracie’s story here:

If you or a loved one needs help, take action now. Admission Counselors are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have: 877-448-5521.

Hope Diaries 9: From Overdose to Sobriety – A Testimonial

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

In this “Hope Diaries” testimonial, an employee of The Treatment Center opens up about his struggle with the disease of addiction. Laz explains, “In the last six months of my addiction, I lost my job and I ended up going to prison on charges of possession because I was trying to support my habit. The last time I went to prison, I was facing 64 years.” After pleading out to the judge, Laz got his second chance at life.

This message of hope proves that there is freedom from addiction. After attending rehab and working a solid program, Laz is now able to help others who are suffering. Watch his story of triumph here:

If you or someone you know is caught in the grips of addiction, we are here to help. Restore your hope today. We are available to help you 24/7: 877-412-3342.

Hope Diaries 10: The Disease of Addiction

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

One of the most common misconceptions about addiction is that it is a character flaw. However, addiction is a disease that does not discriminate. This video in the YouTube series “Hope Diaries,” features Ernest, an employee of The Treatment Center. He discusses his battle with addiction and what sets our facility apart.

Ernest explains, “There was a point in my life where I felt more comfortable in prison than I did on the streets because I could not deal with the pain and the misery that the disease of addiction would put me through. It never ceases to amaze me the length that The Treatment Center is willing to go to ensure that a patient has a comfortable and insightful stay.”

Hear more from Ernest in this Hope Diary:

If you or a loved one is suffering from the disease of addiction, we can help. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have: 877-448-5521.


Hope Diaries 9: Sober 31 Years

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

This testimonial in the YouTube series, “Hope Diaries,” features Jimmy, an employee of The Treatment Center. In this video, he shares his story of how he entered a life in recovery and why it’s important for others to do so as well.

Jimmy explains, “I always thought you got me drunk. It, situations, they, and all of a sudden I had a realization that I got myself drunk.” Today, he is able to help those who are entering a life in recovery by sharing how it works in his life.

Jimmy and his wife have been sober for 30+ years. Find out how:

We encourage you to share this video with family and loved ones who may be struggling with addiction, or may simply appreciate this powerful story of hope.

Hope Diaries 8: Relating in Rehab

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

This video in the YouTube series, “Hope Diaries,” features Steve, a Behavioral Health Tech at The Treatment Center. In this video, he shares his testimony about his path from addiction to recovery.

Steve explains he is able to relate to patients because he understands what it feels like to be caught in the grips of addiction. Today, he strives to provide hope to all of the patients he encounters.

“If you need a little motivation, if you think you’re not strong enough to handle it,
well I’m here to show you that you can.”

Steve has been sober since 2007. Find out how:

Feel free to share this video with family and loved ones who may be struggling with addiction, or may simply appreciate this powerful story of hope.

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