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To us addiction means the end of an old chapter, an old you and the beginning of a journey. We are here to help you on that journey. Call Today.

Is Inpatient Treatment Right for Me?

How do you know if inpatient treatment is right for you?

Addicts have the tendency to become frustrated when the treatments they try don’t work right away, as anyone would with a disease that’s difficult to treat successfully. Often the reason keeping someone addicted to drugs or alcohol from finding success is they haven’t tried the right strategy or found the right fit in a treatment […]

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How Do I Tell My Family About My Addiction?

How do I tell my family about my addiction

Self-examination can be tough. No one wants to admit to making a mistake. Regardless, being open is an important part of changing any person’s lifestyle. This is especially true when it comes to addiction. Being honest with yourself is a critical part of recognizing your own need for help. Unfortunately, most people hit rock bottom […]

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Arizona Struggling with Addiction: Drug Trends and Statistics in 2017

Arizona Addiction Stats 2017

Recently, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey declared a statewide health emergency regarding the devastating effects of opioid addiction. Arizona is one of the states where the rate of opioid related deaths is on the rise, so the governor is giving the issue his full attention. Governor Ducey pointed out that most of us know someone impacted […]

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Addiction in Texas: Substance Abuse Trends and Statistics 2017

Stats of Addiction in Texas

The nationwide opioid epidemic is just one of the drug abuse problems facing Texas. Methamphetamine use continues to soar, creating problems across the state. The correlation between addiction and higher crime rates is evident, suggesting that drug abuse and overdose are just part of a much larger problem. Thankfully, medically guided detox and treatment can […]

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Can I Keep My Job During Drug Addiction Recovery? 

how to keep your job during rehab

There are many uncertainties and question marks that arise when you consider drug addiction recovery. “Will treatment be hard?” “How can I really get sober?” “Can I keep my job while I’m working through drug addiction recovery?” At The Treatment Center of The Palm Beaches, we are here to answer these and many other questions about your […]

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Ohio Faring Worse Than Other States with Heroin, Prescription, and Other Drug Problems in 2017

Stats of Ohio Fairing Worse

More Ohioans died from drug overdoses last year than residents of any other state. Even worse, the Ohio Department of Health annual overdose report revealed that over the same period, the number of overdose deaths increased by 36 percent. Since 2003, 17,000 Ohio residents have died by overdose. Additional distressing statistics related to drug use in […]

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Why Choose Holistic Drug Recovery? 

what is a holistic drug approach?

There is an epidemic sweeping the nation, and it’s starting with seemingly inconspicuous pills. Painkillers are powerfully dangerous opiates which can derail lives. But painkillers and the opioid epidemic aren’t the only challenges people are facing. People from all walks of life are struggling with drugs, alcohol and other harmful substances. At The Treatment Center of The Palm […]

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Increasing Heroin and Drug Deaths Keep North Carolina in a State of Emergency in Late 2017

North Carolina Drug Deaths

The nation struggles to find a solution to the opioid epidemic, and North Carolina is one of the states most affected by the problem. A recent study comparing 50 states and the District of Columbia, placed North Carolina among the top 20 states in terms of opioid abuse. In response, Dr. Mandy Cohen, secretary to […]

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Alcohol, Opioid Abuse, Drugs, and Heroin Addiction Lead New York State Problems in 2017

Statistics of New York Drug Abuse

New York state is struggling with a drug epidemic that continues to kill record numbers of Americans. It isn’t just the rough parts of New York City that are having problems. Drug overdose deaths are soaring across the state. Communities that previously seemed immune to drug problems now see the same issues. Drug Overdose Deaths […]

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