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To us addiction means the end of an old chapter, an old you and the beginning of a journey. We are here to help you on that journey. Call Today.

Substance Abuse and Cardiovascular Disease

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Cardiovascular disease, or heart disease, has been the leading cause of death in the United States for more than 80 years. It has also been a significant cause of disability for just as long. Several forms of heart disease target different areas of the cardiovascular system— and substance abuse can cause any of them.   […]

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The Impact of Parental Substance Abuse on the Foster Care System

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Over the last several years, parental substance abuse in the United States has had an overwhelmingly negative impact on the child welfare system— especially foster care. With more and more adults falling victim to addiction, their children grow up in unhealthy environments as a result. In an attempt to rectify this, several states have begun […]

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Caffeine Addiction: Fact or Fiction?

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What Are Nootropics? Nootropics are a class of drug that is used to improve cognitive function and mental energy. Sometimes called cognitive enhancers or “smart drugs,” they target executive functions like concentration, creativity, and motivation. Other effects of nootropics use include improvements in: mood energy memory alertness focus (i.e., the ability to absorb new information) […]

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Drug Trends by State: The Most Affected States

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The Treatment Center recently shared the video below as a means to spread awareness about nationwide addiction and drug trends, as well as the reasons why professionals study them on a per capita basis as opposed to a large-scale one. The following information includes research findings that further explore the geographical trends of drug use, […]

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Alex Azar Named New Secretary of Health and Human Services Dept.

Alex Michael Azar II, the former president of the American branch of Eli Lilly & Co. pharmaceuticals, was sworn in on Monday, January 26th, as the new Secretary of the Health and Human Services Department. Azar, who was President Donald Trump’s first choice for the position, will be replacing former HHS Secretary Tom Price. Price […]

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Prochaska and DiClemente’s Six Stages of Change in Addiction Recovery

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Six Stages of Change

Recovery from addiction is long and tedious. The individuals working through their substance abuse disorders experience a number of changes both during and after treatment. Most of the time, these changes reflect a pattern that has since become a model for the addiction recovery process. This is called the Transtheoretical Model, or the Six Stages […]

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