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Beating The Odds of ALS - The Treatment Center Testimonial

A year and a half ago, Ernest was diagnosed with ALS, a spinal muscular atrophy disease. As the disease progressed, he had to walk with a walker. A serious fall left him with a broken hip and he became wheelchair bound. With the desire to slow down the progression of the disease, his wife, Petra began taking him to The Treatment Center to receive ALS Treatment, utilizing holistic services.

Ernest suffered from frequent muscle spasms and triggers of severe pain. To help ease his discomfort, he began receiving holistic therapy three days a week as a form of ALS treatment. As a result of integrative treatments such as acupuncture, laser therapy, massage, and chiropractic care, Ernest began to see a huge transformation.

Ernest was much more at peace and relaxed after receiving the treatments. Eventually, he began to feel better and gain more independence. Today, Ernest courageously fights his ALS with a smile.

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