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Hope Diaries: The Best Gift You Can Give | The Treatment Center

The Best Gift You Can Give - Hope Diaries - Sobriety at The Treatment Center

Emily was headed on a path of destruction and going nowhere fast. She went from partying all night and enjoying herself to drinking so much that she would frequently blackout. Her drinking had soon taken control and she began to isolate from her friends and family. Nothing could stand in the way of her drinking.
After living away from home, she got so out of control she moved back home with her parents. Once she saw how well her friends were excelling in life and reaching major life goals without her, this fueled her to drink even more. Drinking alcohol soon became her safety net from the uncomfortable feelings she had with herself.
Emily soon found herself homeless after being kicked out of her parents’ home. Nothing could stop her; not getting in trouble for underage drinking, the multiple DUIs, being homeless, and staying with friends all the time. It just wasn’t enough for her to quit drinking.
Yet one conversation with a friend and former alumni of The Treatment Center would eventually change her mind. To see how Emily went from staying in her friend’s dirty garage to receiving the best gift she could give herself in treatment, watch the video below:





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