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How Our Court Liaison Program Benefits You

“As court liaison, I have seen miracles happen in patients’ lives by facilitating communication to resolve issues rather than avoiding them.”

-Jeff Gaubatz, Court Liaison, The Treatment Center

It’s not uncommon for patients with addiction problems to also have legal problems. At The Treatment Center, we don’t want our patients’ legal troubles to get in the way of receiving adequate addiction treatment.

We believe the only thing that should be on patients’ minds is their recovery. Our patients can safely detox from drugs and alcohol, participate in individual and group therapy, and receive long-term residential and outpatient care, without worrying about their legal issues.

Court Liaison Team - The Treatment Center

Goals of the Program –

CEO, Bill Russell, and Court Liaison, Jeff Gaubatz, created the Court Liaison Program with the goal to facilitate legal communication with patients’ legal parties so patients can successfully complete treatment.

As a court liaison, Jeff and his experienced legal team strive everyday to help patients continue their treatment while communicating with their legal parties. With the help of court liaisons, our patients often walk out of treatment with a continued court date, without a warrant, and with guidance from a supervising attorney.

Court Liaison Services– 

Our court liaison team facilitates communication with legal parties in all 50 states. With the Court Liaison Program, our patients can receive some of the following services:

  • Video court proceedings
  • Transportation to local court appearances
  • Nationwide public defender referrals
  • Nationwide attorney referrals
  • Assistance with public defender applications
  • Complete treatment documentations
  • Ongoing progress reports
  • Communication with judges, probation officers, case workers and attorneys

To learn more about the benefits of our Court Liaison Program, click the video link to discover how our program can help you or your loved one.


If you’re seeking effective addiction treatment and you’d like to discuss your options with the Court Liaison Program, chat with one of our admissions counselors or call 877-392-3342 to get help today.

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