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Safe Benzo Detox 

Have you been taking benzos for a long time? Do you believe you are addicted to them? Is the use of benzos causing you to develop harmful side effects? 

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you may need to detox from benzos as soon as possible. At The Treatment Center, we can help you detox from benzos and other drugs in a safe, comfortable environment with 24-hour medical supervision.  

If you or a loved one is struggling with a benzo addiction, find out how you can detox from benzos today by calling us at (877) 392-3342. Our admissions counselors are available for confidential chat 24/7.

What to Expect in Detox

The goal of a detox is to get rid of any harmful chemical substances in your body, whether it’s benzos or a combination of other drugs and alcohol.  

When you first arrive, we will give you an initial assessment and develop a detox plan that will address your specific needs. During the detox process, our board-certified medical staff will help you withdraw from benzos or any other drugs that are in your system.  

Our medical staff will provide 24-hour supervision and monitor you throughout the detox process. Depending on if you’ve abused benzos with other drugs or alcohol, your duration in detox will vary. 

Why Quitting on Your Own is Risky

The withdrawal symptoms from quitting benzos on your own can be dangerous and even life-threatening. Quitting benzos abruptly can cause risky withdrawal symptoms such as: 

• Vomiting

• Constant nausea 

• Panic attacks

• Anxiety/depression

• Muscle cramps

• Tremors

• Psychosis

• Severe seizures

• Even suicidal thoughts

• Death

 Sometimes the physical and psychological affects from quitting benzos with non-medical supervision can be too severe. You may end up taking the drug again at higher doses to get rid of the symptoms. This can put you at a greater risk for drug overdose. 

Quitting benzos on your own is risky. We will help you detox in a safe environment with 24-hour medical supervision. To find out how you can properly quit using benzos, call one of our admissions counselors at (877) 392-3342. We are available to answer your questions 24/7.

What is the Next Step After Detox

During and after detox, we ensure that you receive the highest level of care possible. We will get down to the cause of your benzo addiction and address any underlying psychological, emotional, and physical issues.  

Detox alone can be ineffective, which is why we also offer behavioral therapy and several inpatient and outpatient services. Our comprehensive programs will help you transition from inpatient treatment to a thriving life in recovery. 

If you or your loved one is seeking effective treatment for benzo addiction, get help today and call us now at (877) 392-3342. Our admissions counselors are available to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. 

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