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Treatment for Adderall Addiction

Quitting Adderall can be difficult, whether you started using it as a legal prescription, for an occasional high, or as a “study drug”. Because Adderall is fairly easy to obtain as a prescription drug, dependence and abuse are becoming more common, especially among college students. 

In fact, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA), 6.4 percent of full-time college students have used Adderall without a prescription. Fortunately, help is available for those whose Adderall use has gotten out of control.

At The Treatment Center, our residential treatment options for addiction to Adderall will help you or your loved one kick the habit for good. Call us anytime at (877) 392-3342. Learn more about the simple steps to admission

TTC - Adderall AbuseEffects of Adderall Abuse

Adderall use causes a rise in dopamine in the brain, and once the drug leaves your system, the dopamine levels drop rapidly. The constant rise and fall of dopamine levels is part of what triggers the addiction. Individuals who become addicted to Adderall are usually unable to stop using it without help. The compulsion to start taking the drug again becomes too strong for willpower alone to be effective.

As a stimulant, Adderall affects both your brain and body. Consistent Adderall abuse can cause:

  • High blood pressure
  • Increased heart rate 
  • Fever
  • Erratic sleep patterns
  • Reduced appetite

In addition, high doses of Adderall can also cause strokes or other cardiovascular problems. Over long periods of abuse, Adderall can make you or your loved one feel hostile, irritable, paranoid or depressed. Adderall use combined with alcohol use increases the possibility of developing clinical depression. Combining cocaine and Adderall use can put extra strain on your heart and can cause heart attacks or stroke.

To prevent these harmful effects, It’s imperative to seek professional treatment for an Adderall addiction. The Treatment Center will help you break away from Adderall and start your recovery journey. 

Signs of Adderall Abuse and Addiction

The status of Adderall as a common prescription drug and its use as a treatment for ADHD often leads people to consider it harmless. However, the reality is that Adderall can be as dangerous as many other illicit or prescription drugs. 

Adderall is a Schedule II prescription drug, which means that any use of the medication other than exactly as prescribed by a doctor is considered abuse. This includes:

  • Using Adderall that wasn't prescribed to you.
  • Using more Adderall in a single dose than your doctor prescribed.
  • Using Adderall more frequently than a doctor prescribed.

When this type of Adderall abuse occurs, it can quickly spiral into a full-blown addiction. Signs of an Adderall addiction include cravings and difficulty stopping Adderall use. You might also notice a tolerance buildup over time, so it takes more Adderall to get the same effect you used to feel.

An addiction to Adderall can affect your family, your friendship and your school or work, so treatment is essential. The line between abuse and addiction often blurs, and what was once occasional use can quickly turn into a part of your life you can't escape. However, recovery is possible.

Side effects of Adderall Abuse

The Road to Recovery from Adderall Addiction

Starting the road to recovery includes a series of steps that lead you from detoxification to a life free of addictive substances. The steps generally include:

Contacting The Treatment Center: Our admissions counselors will assess your situation, provide a free insurance verification, and guide you throughout the entire admissions process. We are available by phone or chat 24/7, even on holidays.

Admit and Assessment: When you arrive at our facility, our treatment team will work with you to determine what components are best suited to your recovery needs and goals. 

Detoxification: During our medically-supervised detox process, your body will be rid of any remaining drugs or alcohol in your system. Our team provides a safe environment and will monitor you 24/7 to ensure you are comfortable and medically stable.

Individualized treatment: Once you have completed the detox process, you will be prepared to begin your individualized treatment plan. We recognize that addiction takes a toll on the whole person-mind, body and spirit. Our treatment programs and services will prepare you for life after treatment.  

Follow-Up Care: Treatment doesn't end once you leave The Treatment Center. Outpatient treatment and participation in group meetings help you stay on track. Our team will help you create an aftercare plan and transition into your new life in recovery. 

Adderall Abuse Treatment Designed for You

When it comes to quitting Adderall, no two people are alike. In addition, treatment for abuse of prescription drugs, such as Adderall, can be different from treatment programs focused on alcohol or illicit drugs. That's why The Treatment Center provides personalized treatment programs designed to help you succeed. 

We recognize that withdrawal symptoms can be frightening, and often play a huge part in why people don’t seek treatment sooner. However, starting your recovery with a medically-supervised detox at The Treatment Center will provide you a safe and comfortable atmosphere to detox and minimize your withdrawal symptoms. In addition, our on-site doctors and nurses will help ensure your safety and comfort while you go through detox and make sure you're prepared to move on to the next phase of your recovery.

During inpatient treatment, you will have 24/7 access to medical care and therapeutic resources that support your journey toward an addiction-free life. Our dedicated treatment team is comprised of medical doctors, nurses, therapists, psychiatrists and more. 

Your personalized Adderall recovery treatment plan may include:

It is possible to live a life free from addiction to drugs and alcohol. Countless individuals have left The Treatment Center with their hope and lives restored. Learn how by contacting us today at (877) 392-3342.

Simultaneous Treatment Addiction and Mental Health Conditions

Entering treatment for an Adderall addiction sometimes means being treated for an addiction to other drugs and alcohol as well. For example, according to SAMHSA, 89.5 percent of college students who abuse Adderall also abuse alcohol, either through consistent heavy drinking or occasional binge drinking. The use of marijuana, prescription pain relievers, cocaine and prescription tranquilizers are also tied to Adderall abuse.

Using Adderall along with other drugs or alcohol can increase its effects and put your life at risk. For example, Adderall combined with alcohol increases the possibility of developing clinical depression, and combining cocaine and Adderall can put extra strain on your heart which can cause a heart attack or stroke.

In addition to co-occurring addictions, Adderall abusers can develop mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression, which complicates treatment even more. Having medically trained professionals and licensed therapists available makes the entire process of recovery more effective.

Here at The Treatment Center, we have experience treating a wide range of addictions and co-occurring disorders, so you can get all of the treatment you need in one place. Coordinated treatment that tackles all of your addiction behaviors at once helps you get back on your feet quickly and reduces the risk of a relapse.

Starting Your Treatment for Adderall Addiction

Stopping Adderall use can be near impossible if you're trying to do it alone. Professional assistance from The Treatment Center helps ease the process and makes recovery success more likely. Making the decision to live without Adderall is the first step.

It’s time to live a life free of addiction. Call (877) 392-3342 or start a cha online t with one of our Admissions Counselors. Our lines are staffed 365 days a year, even on holidays, so you can get the information you need when you need it.

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