A Higher Level of Addiction Treatment Care

The disease of addiction does not limit itself, so why should your treatment be limited? We offer a wide variety of treatment options to address your unique physical, spiritual, and psychological needs. At The Treatment Center, we have a team of professionals that treat each and every client like a member of our own family.

Committed To Your Care

At The Treatment Center, we do not make any commitments that we cannot keep. Once you are approved, we will commit to your full inpatient treatment, ensuring your level of care and medical needs are met as directed by our clinical staff consisting of full-time doctors, psychologists, therapists, nurses and patient care specialists.

Transitioning to Your New Life

We will be at your side once you begin transitioning to life after treatment. Our staff will provide you with aftercare options at The Outpatient Treatment Center, or wherever you choose to relocate. Our alumni team will keep you informed with all recovery-related events and provide you with resources to build a healthy lifestyle and support system after discharge.

See a Glimpse of the Admission Process