Individualized, Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Care

At The Treatment Center by The Recovery Village, we recognize that successful recovery from addiction requires more than the latest techniques and technology. Recovery programs that acknowledge the mental, physical and spiritual aspects of addiction are better equipped to get to the core of the patient’s struggles. That’s why we offer individualized treatment plans to ensure that each patient’s recovery journey reflects their personal needs and preferences.

This unique approach is just one of the many ways that The Treatment Center provides a level of care that can?t be found anywhere else. In addition, our staff is made up of individuals who have a deep passion for addiction recovery. Our employees range from expert psychiatrists to trained chefs, but they express daily enthusiasm when it comes to serving our beloved patients and guiding these individuals toward a healthier lifestyle.

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Addiction is a serious medical condition with debilitating and potentially fatal side effects. As a result, those struggling with substance abuse need support from medical experts to safely complete detox and start recovery. Likewise, addiction operates as a mental illness and may require the help of a psychiatrist to overcome.

In cases where the patient is suffering from addiction and a co-occurring mental illness, a scenario known as dual diagnosis, the attention of both psychiatric and medical professionals is required to guide the client toward sobriety.

At The Treatment Center, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of treatment to our patients. This is why our staff is made up of board-certified psychiatrists, physicians and more. We encourage you to get to know the doctors and other professionals that make up our staff.


One of the best ways we serve our patients is to provide our staff with the support and encouragement they need to do their jobs with a smile. In 2014, The Treatment Center was recognized by the South Florida Business Journal as one of the state’s Best Places To Work. Our goal is to hire individuals who demonstrate compassion in their interactions with others. This approach ensures that every member of our staff is working toward the same recovery goals for our patients.

Many of our staff members are actually alumni of our program. They have overcome the disease of addiction, and they now play an important role at The Treatment Center, providing comfort and hope to current patients by sharing their stories of success. You can learn more about working at The Treatment Center by visiting our career resources.

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Getting Help for Addiction at The Treatment Center

The Treatment Center stands apart from other rehabilitation facilities by going the extra mile for patients, staff members and the community of West Palm Beach. You can learn more about what sets The Treatment Center apart by giving us a call anytime at (561) 582-2030. Our admissions counselors can share details on how we provide the highest standard of care in the industry.

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