Within Recovery Caf? & Bookstore

Books, Coffee, Collectibles, Recovery Medallions and More!

Located in Lake Worth, Florida, Within Recovery Caf? & Bookstore is our recovery bookstore and coffee shop, complete with a large selection of literature, jewelry, recovery medallions and other unique gifts. As a resource for wellness and spirituality, Within is more than a recovery bookstore. We have something for everyone.

Within is located at:
5865 S Congress Ave, Lake Worth, FL 33462

On Our Bookshelves

Finding the right spiritual, health or recovery-focused literature to match individual needs is easy with the help of our knowledgeable staff. Our books cater to recovering addicts, recovery professionals and individuals who are simply seeking inspiration.

Our collection covers topics such as:

  • 12-step programs (e.g. A.A., N.A., Al-Anon and Nar-Anon)
  • Alcoholism, drug addictions and process addictions
  • Eating disorders
  • Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and other faiths
  • Meditation
  • Anger, grief, trauma and loss
  • Sober living
  • Journaling

Our books focus on self-improvement and make great gifts for those who are going through challenging times or looking for inspiration.

Recovery Meetings

Within hosts recovery meetings several times a week. Our large community room seats up to 70 people. This is where our open AA and NA meetings, candlelight meditations and women?s meetings take place. Individuals can also lease our community room for additional recovery-related workshops and meetings.

If you are looking for a local meeting in the area, we would love you to join us for coffee, sweets and fellowship. Our current meetings are:

Monday – Open AA Meeting – 5:30pm
Tuesday – Open NA Meeting – 6:00pm
Wednesday – Open AA Meeting – 12:00pm
Thursday – Women?s Speaker Meeting – 10:30am
Saturday – Sober Saturday Meeting – 12:00pm

Be sure to check our event calendar for current meeting times and dates:

Events and Meetings

Unique Recovery Gifts and Collectibles

You?ll find a wide array of fun collectibles that will give anyone an inspirational and uplifting moment whenever they see them or, better yet, receive them as a gift from you.

You can choose from:

  • One-of-a-kind jewelry
  • Recovery Medallions
  • Apparel
  • Gift Cards
  • Wall art, mugs and candles

We will even be happy to gift wrap any item for you!

Specialty Drinks and Handcrafted Coffees

We prepare and serve coffee and tea drinks, including cappuccino and lattes ? both hot and iced, with whip or no whip! Be sure to check out our delectable pastries and muffins, too.

Add Some Inspiration to Your Day

Whether it?s because of the supportive fellowship, helpful books, motivational gifts or decadent drinks, one thing is certain at Within:?recovery is sweet.

Stop by to add some inspiration to your day. For more information, visit our Facebook page:

Within Recovery Caf? and Bookstore Facebook

We look forward to seeing you soon!